[noborders-brum] 'Alternatives' Telford Meeting

Steve & Tamsin Bache hugsnotwar at phonecoop.coop
Wed May 24 07:43:58 UTC 2006

Local peace group, Wrekin Stop War, are inviting people from across 
Shropshire (and beyond) to attend a public meeting exploring themes 
connected to peace and the planet.

The meeting, entitled ‘Alternatives’ will be held at Christ Church Hall 
in Wellington from 2-5pm on Saturday 10 June 2006 and speakers include 
Bruce Kent from the Movement for the Abolition of War, together with 
representatives from the Food not Bombs collective and the No Borders 

A group spokesperson said,

“With our planet facing an uncertain future due to war, poverty and 
environmental destruction, we would like to invite people to join us for 
an afternoon of thought-provoking talks and open debate. We believe that 
replacing our current selfish and greedy system with a culture of 
co-operation and equality will lead to a brighter tomorrow for future 
generations and our planet.”

For more information or for directions to the venue, email: 
_wrekinstopwaradmin at blueyonder.co.uk 
<mailto:wrekinstopwaradmin at blueyonder.co.uk>_ or telephone/text: 07960 
736641. Details are also available from the group’s web site at 
_www.wrekinstopwar.org <http://www.wrekinstopwar.org/>_. The venue 
accessible to wheelchair users.

Also, please email me if you have any queries re the event or transport 
out to Telford.


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