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'Unilateral, Crisis, Appeal, on terror, cruellest, bloody message'
Sent 18 Apr 07 - 70 items (approx)

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[01] Lead items
[02] UK
[03] Jobs
[04] World
[05] Europe
[06] Events
[07] Refugee week update
[08] London photo exhibition
[09] Welcome to the Governance hub
[10] Training from Southwark Refugee Communities Forum
[11] Intercultural Consultation Groups invite applications
[12] Asylum Seekers and Refugees Volunteering in Scotland
[13] 'Looking around' - our young people's photography project
[14] Rethinking Immigration and Integration: a New Centre-Left Agenda
[15] Find The Help You Need - A guide to services for disabled 
     refugees and asylum seekers
[16] New Asylum Model, Children seeking asylum alone, Home Office 
     'reforms' & Care Matters, the lives of children and young people 
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[01] Lead items: 

'Unilateral, Crisis, Appeal, on terror, cruellest, bloody message'

Unilateral Declaration of Independence (Rhodesia)
It was a declaration of independence from the United Kingdom 
The move was swiftly condemned as illegal by the British government
The Republic of Zimbabwe came into being on April 18, 1980.

Vigil Diary
Opponents of Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe are to demonstrate 
outside Parliament in London on Wednesday, 18th April, to mark 
the 27th anniversary of Zimbabwean Independence.

Call for Africa leaders to speak out against brutality in Zimbabwe

Take more Iraqi refugees, UN tells Britain

April 07
Guidelines on the Treatment of Iraqi Asylum Seekers and Refugees
With the number of Iraqi refugees arriving in Europe expected to 
double in 2007, and continuing disparities between European countries
in their treatment of Iraqi asylum seekers and refugees, 
ECRE presents guidelines 

Appeal on Iraqi civilian 'torture death' to begin

Iraq Bleeds: Millions displaced by conflict, perscution and violence

Rising violence in Iraq could overwhelm health services
Iraqi interpreters make plea for asylum to Blair
30th September 2007
Don’t Shoot the Messenger! 
...theme for International Translation Day 2007

'Do not abandon us' urge Iraqi refugees who served alongside British

Agencies and Iraqi refugees call on the government to take urgent action

Iraqis rank first in asylum claims last year

A bloody message from Iraq: nowhere is safe
The day a suicide bomber struck at the heart of Iraq's democracy

Crisis creeps towards catastrophe
First eyewitness accounts in Chad reveal spread of ethnic cleansing.

West Must Help Iraq Refugees

The cruellest place on earth

£5m appeal for world's greatest humanitarian crisis 

Calling for a fair UK foreign policy: new report 

BBC accused of censorship after cancelling broadcast
Author Hanif Kureishi criticises corporation after it drops radio
broadcast of short story set in Iraq.

UN condemns killing of African Union officer in Darfur

'War on terror' sends wrong message
Downing Street distanced itself yesterday from an attack by Hilary Benn
on the Bush administration's strategy for the "war on terror".

Images of injured Iraqi released

Map showing Iraqi refugee migration

Iraq's neighbours blocking refugees -- rights group

Iraq Conference: UNHCR calls for international humanitarian effort for

[02] UK

17 Apr 07

STUC delegates are urged to guard against increasing racism

Hand over Berezovsky, Russia tells UK
Russian Federation: Attack on public dissent  

TV star cop to open Lithuanian school

We are all slave owners
Slavery may have been officially abolished 200 years ago but we all
collude to ensure its survival.

Black communities say govt must make reparations for its role in slavery 
Majority surveyed dissatisfied with the way the Bicentenary is being

If Britain wants to help Africa's poor, it must stop acting like an

Home Secretary and French Interior Minister meet

16 Apr 07

Electronic tags
There are currently 480 asylum seekers required to wear a tag in England
and Wales.

Imagine: Lennon's piano on a peace tour

Russia asks Britain to strip Berezovsky of refugee status

Immigration a key issue, says BNP

[03] Jobs

Protection Assistant (GL6) 
UNHCR Quality Initiative Project, assisting in the implementation of
UNHCR’s oversight and training functions within the Home Office.

The UNHCR London Internship Programme
International Internships
Voluntary Work Abroad

ECRE has currently two vacancies: Dircetor of Finance and Fundraising

[04] World

A western-backed coup

Berlin's Jews face split over Russian influx

Papal envoy's U-turn on memorial

Afghanistan: Civilians Bear Cost of Escalating Insurgent Attacks

Egypt: End Campaign Against Labor Rights Group

Germany: Outrage at army training video
Video depicting German army trainer telling soldier to imagine firing on
three black men provokes outrage.

Japan's age-old problem

Nepal: Maoists Should End Anti-Gay Violence

Russia: Police Break Up Peaceful Demonstration

US: Notorious Cambodian Police Chief in US for Counter-Terror Talks at

[05] Europe

Weekly updates

[06] Events

Friday 20 April
Hrant Dink Memorial Concert
St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation & Peace
78, Bishopsagate, London EC2N 4AG
Doors open: 7.00pm   Performance: 7.30pm.
Admission £10   Refreshments available.
Tel: 020 7496 1610  
Email:  events at .stethelburgas.org

CharityFAIR, 6-7 June, London

30th September 2007
Don’t Shoot the Messenger! 
...theme for International Translation Day 2007

[07] Refugee week update

In Your Area
The Refugee Week website includes an In Your Area section with pages
dedicated to each country / region in the UK.

Photography Competition
To mark Refugee Week 2007, the Refugee Week Team is organising a
photography competition on the theme of Encounters.

Refugee Week Publicity materials
To order any of promotional materials please download an order form from
the Publicity:
or Downloadable Resources sections of the website.

[08] London photo exhibition

The UN refugee agency and the World Food Programme open an exhibition in
London of powerful images of displaced people and returnees in the
Democratic Republic of the Congo.

[09] Welcome to the Governance hub

The Governance Hub brings together people, information and ideas about
governance in the voluntary and community sector. Whether you're a
trustee, chair, advisor, funder - or just want to know more - this is
the place to come.

Charity Trustee Networks (CTN)

[10] Training from Southwark Refugee Communities Forum

Health Advocacy Training

[11] Intercultural Consultation Groups invite applications

The Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies is to run two Intercultural
Consultation Groups. The groups are suitable for
clinicians/practitioners currently working with a range of black and
minority ethnic (BME) and refugee communities within child, adolescent
and adult services, across both the statutory and voluntary sectors. The
groups will run once a fortnight and will provide an opportunity for up
to twelve practitioners (six in each group) to bring dilemmas and
challenges in intercultural work for discussion to a small group.
Participants will be encouraged to bring clinical and organisational
materials from their own work context.
The sessions will run from April – June, two hours every two weeks. The
first group will meet on Wednesdays from 5pm to 7pm. The second group
will meet on Thursdays from 6pm to 8pm.
The deadline for applications is Wednesday 11 April 2007. Cost: £280
If you are interested in applying and would like more information,
please call Ingrid Mayegibo on 020 7391 9150 or send her an

[12] Asylum Seekers and Refugees Volunteering in Scotland

Wednesday 6th June

The Volunteer Centre Glasgow and the ATLAS Partnership (Action for
Training and Learning for Asylum Seekers) are joining forces to hold a
good practice event during Volunteers Week 2007 in Glasgow on Wednesday
6thJune.  The event aims are to:

*Raise awareness of the potential contribution of asylum seekers and
refugees as volunteers
*Share good practice in Scotland and disseminate the report 'A Part of
*Raise awareness of key networks and strategies in Scotland

Speakers will include Norrie Murray from Volunteer Development Scotland
and Ruth Wilson from Tandem as well as volunteers and volunteering
involving organisations sharing their experiences.  Exhibition space is
available to book on a first come, first served basis.

In the afternoon there will be an opportunity to take part in a
consultation workshop on the Volunteering Strategy for the NHS in

Asylum seekers and volunteer involving organisations are welcome to
attend.  For an invitation or to book exhibition space please contact
Helen Taylor at Volunteer Centre Glasgow at
helen.taylor at volunteerglasgow.org  or phone 0141 226 3431


ATLAS Scotland - Action for Training and Learning for Asylum Seekers

Tandem: volunteering and asylum project

Volunteer Centre Glasgow

Volunteer Development Scotland

[13] 'Looking around' - our young people's photography project

Here is a selection of some of the photographs taken by the young people
in the project.

Zoom-In Photography School
Clapham, London
New summer term schedule!

Photography Competition
To mark Refugee Week 2007, the Refugee Week Team is organising a
photography competition on the theme of Encounters.

[14] Rethinking Immigration and Integration: a New Centre-Left Agenda

This book argues for renewed debate amongst the European centre-left 
on issues of immigration and integration, including multiculturalism, 
citizenship, identity

[15] Find The Help You Need - A guide to services for disabled refugees 
     and asylum seekers

The National Information Forum has produced a brand new free guide,
initially in English, for disabled refugees and asylum seekers and those
who look after them.
The guide will be launched on the 3rd May and will be available in boxes
of 42 or any lesser quantity.
For more information on this guide please contact The National
Information Forum on 020 7402 6681 or email them at info at nif.org.uk

National Information Forum

Guide to Services For Disabled Refugees (Free)

Recruiting, Retaining and Developing Disabled Volunteers

[16] New Asylum Model, Children seeking asylum alone, Home Office 
     'reforms' & Care Matters, the lives of children and young people 

Consultation: Raising Expectations: Staying in education and training

Care Matters consultation: Summary of Results

Care Matters: Transforming the Lives of Children and Young 
People in Care (Consultation Responses)
Respondents highlighted the possibility of ‘specialist’ 
social care practices, such as one for unaccompanied 
asylum seekers...

- Independent visitors / Independent Advocates

people felt that unaccompanied asylum  seeking children 
would be another group who might benefit most from 
entitlement to an independent visitor.

- Advocacy

"Advocacy offers crucial protection where children face 
particular complex circumstances, are in contact with 
different services, or have communication difficulties"

- Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children

Many respondents felt that Care Matters did not address 
the specific problems faced by unaccompanied asylum seeking 
children (UASC). There has also been disappointment that the 
Home Office consultation on these issues was not launched 
alongside the Green Paper. There have been several requests 
for a clear statement from DfES confirming that the  
recommendations in the Green Paper will be universally 
applicable to UASC. There
have been calls for clear joint guidance from the Home 
Office and DfES about transitions at 18 for UASC, and who 
is responsible for what.

- Leaving care

“Young people should have a choice to leave care between
16 to 21 years old so that they leave when they feel ready”.

93% of respondents to the written consultation answered 
‘yes’ to the question “should young people be allowed
to remain with their foster families up to the age of 
21 including when the young person is at university?”.

- Independent Reviewing Officers

“Independent reviewing officers should be totally 
independent so that they can challenge social care.”

48 page PDF

Updated briefing of the new asylum model [Mar 07]

NAM External Stakeholder Group Minutes 20 March 2007 
Minutes from the NAM External Stakeholder Group Meeting held on the 20
March 2007. The minutes incorporate a new statement on Third Country
cases at 6.6, which notes that UASC may be considered for removal on the
same day as receiving a refusal. 
(word doc)

NAM Workshop 
(word doc)
- NAM presentation 
(power point)
_ 'question and answer' session 

Policy Instruction for NAM Case Owners on Disputed Age Cases
(word doc)

Amendment to Discretionary Leave Policy for Asylum Seeking Children
(word doc)

NAM: Processing Asylum Applications from Children
(word doc)

Home Office clarify how children's asylum claims will be dealt with
under with under the New Asylum Model

The Case Owners Workbook: Minors Training Programme
(word doc)

Looked-after young people: White paper on young in care to build on Care
Matters plans

A free self-help guide for young care leavers in England and Wales

Blatant discrimination? Children, Asylum and Hillingdon Home Office
How the Home Office's planned 'reforms' for children who claim asylum
alone is already being implemented by the London Borough of Hillingdon.
The Green Paper on ‘Care Matters’ has expressed concern over the lack of
independence of IROs, and the potential conflict of interest that arises
from using local authority employees. We would submit that Hillingdon
provides a very clear illustration of the problems faced by children
where the chair of the review is not a totally independent reviewing
The recent Green Paper on ‘Care Matters’ states quite clearly that it is
generally undesirable for children to leave care before their 18th
birthday as most are unable to cope on their own below this age, the
Green Paper recommends that all children should remain in care until
they reach the age of 18. This applies to an even greater extent to UASC
who are frequently unable to speak English, and have nobody exercising
parental responsibility.

Briefing: National Register for Unaccompanied Minors (NRUC )

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