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> dear all,
> following an update of the manifold migrationrelated activities in the
> frame of coming anti-g8-mobilisation. as mentioned earlier we want to
> organise it as transnational as possible! and so we hope, that much more
> people and groups from this list (and beyond) will join our mobilisation.
> More details of our program will follow coming week.
> best greetings,
> hagen
> Migrationrelated Activities in the frame of Anti-G8-mobilisation in 
> Germany
> 1. Activities in the forefront/within next weeks before the G8;
> 2. An overview about the general anti-G8-choreography in the week of June
> and the migrationrelated focal points;
> 3. The migrationrelated networking-meeting and "cross-over"-events on 3rd
> of June and our participation in the alternative summit;
> 4. The migrationrelated actionday on 4th of June and the big evening event
> at the same day.
> 1. Activities in the forefront - within next weeks before the G8
> Particular importance will be given to the caravan/NoLager-tour,
> which will start at 19th of May in Neuburg/Bavaria and which will stop in
> various cities ( for example in Freienbessingen, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf,
> Bielefeld, Bramsche, Blankenburg/Oldenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Horst,
> Schwerin, Berlin), before it arrives in Rostock for the big demonstration
> on 2nd of June. Find more detailled informations at
> http://thecaravan.org/node/1175
> Additionally should be mentioned, that this caravan/NoLager-tour will
> "unite" with the western part of Euromarch on 28th of May in
> Oldenburg. These marches against precariousness will take place between
> 26th of May and 2nd of June, and they move from 3 directions to Rostock in
> order to join the big demonstration too. Find more informations and the
> call also in english, french, russian at
> http://euromarsch2007.labournet.de/.
> 2. An overview about the general anti-G8-choreography in the week of June
> and the migrationrelated topics
> On several websites (go to http://nolager.de/blog/node/567#attachments)
> you can find a graphical choreography, which offers a better overview
> about the whole actionweek in June.
> The actionweek will start with a hopefully huge demonstration on 2nd of
> June in Rostock. You will find the call for this demonstration at
> http://www.heiligendamm2007.de/Demo_en/index_demo_en.html
> (in english), and it includes also some of our main migrationrelated
> demands.
> At 3rd of June a demonstration and a rallye will happen about "global
> agriculture", moreover -as on the evening before- a concert and more
> cultural events are under preparation.
> Beside this the 3rd of June (sunday) should be used for
> networking-meetings and further discussion-events (find more below at item
> 3).
> Concerning 4th of June, the migrationrelated actionday, find more at item
> 4. At 5th of June - with a main reference against militarisation and war-
> the blockades will start around the small airport in Rostock-Laage, which
> is also used as military base. At this airport the arrival of the
> presidents is exspected in the afternoon of this tuesday!
> At the same evening the alternative summit will start and continues until
> 7th of June.
> Mass-blockades as well as flexible, decentralized blockades can be
> exspected in the early morning of 6th of June around Heiligendamm (the
> place of the summit). And on 7th of June the blockades will be combined
> with demonstrations, which should lead to the fences of the red zone. So
> far a rough overview and you can find more detailled informations mainly
> on 2 websites (also in english):
> http://www.heiligendamm2007.de/
> http://gipfelsoli.org/
> 3. The migrationrelated networking-meeting and "cross-over"-events on 3rd
> of June and our participation in the alternative summit
> Opening event
> The sunday (3rd of June) will start with a big opening event from 10 a.m.
> to 1 p.m. It will be organised as a debate "about perspectives in and
> beyond Europe". A first input will be presented by a german unionist,
> followed by critical comments and remarks from other social movements
> (anti-war-network, precarity-network ...). And Lucille Daumas from attac
> in Marocco and very much involved in the activities against the
> externalisation of EU-migration-control to North-Africa, will represent
> the migrationrelated networks on this podium.
> The debate should work as a "cross-over" event, leading together the
> various social movements, and in the same time it should introduce into
> the respective networking meetings and forums, which will follow at sunday
> afternoon.
> Migrationrelated networking meeting
> The migrationrelated networking meeting will start at 2 p.m., probably in
> a school in rostock, which is already now used as convergence center.
> We want to start with a very brief plenary (maximum for one hour until 3
> p.m.), where we want to present the respective workshops and the aims and
> expsectations of this networking meeting.
> Our main interest is to meet in really "horizontal discussions" with very
> brief inputs (and not long presentations!), with a main focus on common
> discussions in a hopefully transnational composition.
> Until now about 10 migrationrelated workshops are under preparation, for
> example: legalisation; racist police violence; "lager" and borderregime;
> deportations and readmission programs; precariousness and migration;
> remittances and development ... Various groups or persons took the
> responsibilities to coordinate and prepare the respective topics.
> The main intention at least in some of the workshops is to overcome a mere
> information-exchange, rather to discuss about transnational campaigns and
> concrete interventions. Of course more time is needed in such a
> perspective, so these workshops will be organised as double slots until
> the evening.
> And we just think for a final common plenary about transnational campaigns
> and communication in the evening of the sunday, where we want to bring
> together the concrete results of some of the workshops.
> We want to stress again, that we see this meeting in the continuation of
> transnational gatherings during last two years in the frame of european
> and world social forums, the conference in Rabat and the actionday at 7th
> of October 2006. So the workshops should offer first of all the
> opportunity to strengthen and to deepen the networking processes by
> identifying focal campaigns on a transnational level.
> Alternative summit
> Additionally the option is given to continue a few workshops in the frame
> of the alternative summit. This counter-conference will start on the
> evening of 5th of June, and Madjiguene Cisse, a famous former sans
> papier activist in France and engaged in womens-projects in Senegal now,
> will be a main speaker in the opening plenary.
> Moreover a socalled "middle-podium" (8 bigger events about various topics
> during wednesday, 6th of June, are planned) is under preparation, which
> will focus to the structural background of flight and migration in Africa
> and East-Europe. Some guests from various african and east-european
> countries will take part on it.
> 4. The migrationrelated actionday on 4th of June and the big evening event
> at the same day
> For 4th of June, day of migration, we plan decentralized activities in the
> morning, first of all a siege or blocakde of the local foreign office in
> Rostock (where just in moment - as an example- a lot of deportations to
> Togo are organized). Secondly a remembrance-action will take place in
> Lichtenhagen, a quarter of Rostock, where 15 years ago one of the most
> significant racist pogrom took place. And simultanously at the main public
> place in the inner city of Rostock we want to be present with exhibitions,
> information-stands, street-theater and installations (of borderfences and
> walls for example).
> At 1 p.m. we want to start our main demonstration! Starting point will be
> the local refugee-camp in Rostock, and then we will march with as much
> people and as loud and colourful as possible to the inner city. The
> demonstration will end in a manifestation with a concert on another public
> place.
> For the evening a big discussion-event is proposed, under the title:
> freedom of movement against global apartheid! Migrationrelated activists
> from different continents should be brought into a common talk.
> The call for the 4th of June is already published, you will find in at
> least three languages very soon on our websites.
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