[noborders-brum] next meeting?

noidea at riseup.net noidea at riseup.net
Sun Jan 7 19:26:19 UTC 2007


Just to let folks know voucher swapping has continued with some liasion
between ARC and NoBorders. At the moment there are enough people committed
to buying vouchers regularly to be able to swap £70 a fortnight with five
people. But I agree that a system needs to be set up so that it is easier
for more people to get involved. I must admit I have not had much luck
getting a leaflet together yet.

It would be good to approach shoppers outside supermarkets and try to
persuade them to buy a voucher on their way in. But that would mean us
having a supply of vouchers to sell. Maybe we need to try and find some
people willing to leave some money in the scheme for a while so that we
can get a supply of vouchers that we can then try and sell on. Obviously
once we have started the money keeps coming in. Food Not Bombs would be up
for doing this kind of thing at their regular food servings cos they are
outside the Tesco on New St.

something for the agenda-
banner drops
this was a very easy thing to do and it would be worth doing regularly and
informing other groups such as ARC and NCADC how easy it is.


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