[noborders-brum] possible deportation this thursday

phunkee phunkee at aktivix.org
Sun Jul 1 19:03:05 UTC 2007

noidea at riseup.net wrote:

>phunkee wrote:
>>If you've taken it upon yourself to co-ordinate this campaign, can i ask
>>if this person is aware of your previous history vis a vis other campaigns
>>and groups?
>No-one is "co-ordinating" this campaign. 
Are you sure that's a good idea, noidea?

Why are people using this noborders list and asking for people to get 
Successful anti-deportation campaigns are well organised and co-ordinated.

>Can you please keep your personal
>vendetta out of this, this is an urgent issue and it would be good to keep
>our energies focussed.
It's interesting that as this person's partner (hub13 at riseup.net) you 
perceive this as a "personal vendetta".
This is not a personal vendetta at all. Many people and groups have had 
negative experiences "working" with this individual.
They have been ejected from several groups around the country, and i can 
testify along with other people more broadly
in the uk noborders network that this person has seriously threatened 
the integrity of many campaigns and groups.

Anti-deportation campaigns are serious campaigns that require committed 
reliable people that are well organised.

phunkee (one of birmingham noborders)

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