[noborders-brum] possible deportation this thursday

phunkee phunkee at riseup.net
Mon Jul 2 15:51:40 UTC 2007

Molina Felipe wrote:

> Phunkee wrote:
>>Why are people using this noborders list and asking for people to get 
>I dont understand the nature of your question. Considering no-borders is a
>non-hierarchical group, do other people think its ok for people in the
>no-borders group to ask for invovlvement and help from others in the group
>by using the email list?
It's quite simple really, I was just pointing out that the list was 
being used to co-ordinate people and start a campaign.
As a moderator of this list I don't have an issue with people using it 
to co-ordinate an anti-deportation campaign.

>Phunkee wrote:
>>It's interesting that as this person's partner (hub13 at riseup.net) you 
>>perceive this as a "personal vendetta".
>>This is not a personal vendetta at all. Many people and groups have had 
>>negative experiences "working" with this individual.
>>They have been ejected from several groups around the country, and i can 
>>testify along with other people more broadly
>>in the uk noborders network that this person has seriously threatened 
>>the integrity of many campaigns and groups.
>This is definetely a personal vendetta and it has been going on for a while.

This isn't a personal vendetta at all, and the concerns i've expressed 
about this individual who identifies himself only as an email address 
(hub13 at riseup.net), are mirrored by other people involved in Birmingham 
noborders and further afield in the noborders uk network. I can ask them 
to verify this if you so wish.

>Despite the need I feel to respond to these comments I am annoyed that Im
>spending time and energy on this rather than just focusing on the important
>issue. Has phunkee ever thought that his accussation of "people threatening
>the integrity of campaign groups" may also apply to himself. I feel that he
>is undermining our efforts, and his comments could be detrimental for
>getting others involved (which isnt the first time). 
As I've never threatened the integrity of any campaign group or issue, I 
can only interpret this accusation as being malicious.

And for what it's worth I haven't undermined your efforts at all on this 
list. I've posted information to assist your efforts rather than 
undermine them.
All I've done is raise a concern about an individual on this list who is 
more of a liability than an asset to an anti-deportation campaign.

>This is a real shame as
>I feel that if he was in a different mind set, he would be a real asset to
>help stop this deportation.
Please don't patronise me Felipe, I've been active around noborders 
issues for some time now and i'm an active participant in the uk 
noborders network.

In Solidarity,


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