[noborders-brum] possible deportation this thursday

Shiar shiar at riseup.net
Mon Jul 2 21:55:59 UTC 2007

Wow, good to see something happening on this list at last!

I find it hard to comment on this new 'personal' war without being
negative or cynical. But for now, as the list admin, let me say that any
abuse of this list won't be tolerated (and consider that a warning if you
like). Also, anti-deportation campaigns are serious business; they're not
FnB or social centres; fucking them up could mean fucking up someone's
life! So please keep that in mind.

In terms of the campaign itself, the worst thing to do is discussing your
tactics and campaign details on open lists. Either use personal emails or
set up a closed list.

I also know anti-deportation campaigns involve a lot of hard work and
commitment (legal stuff, publicity, lobbying, moving around etc.) so good
luck with it all.


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