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Hi all, we've put together an agenda for the gathering based on the
suggestions that we received. This is not fixed and we welcome your
further input. We also need facilitators! Please have a look if you can
facilitate a session (we've already suggested some possible facilitation
in brackets).

  The gathering will be held in MERCi, which provides floor space
accommodation on Saturday night. If you want to arrive on Friday night,
we can arrange floor space accommodation in people's houses. But please
let us know what time and how many of you will be coming! So far we know
of 6 or more people from London (what time?), 9 people from Bristol
arriving at 11pm, and 15(?) in the Brighton mini bus (what time?).

  We'll send out more info on the venue, directions, and accommodation
details asap.

  No Borders UK Gathering
Manchester , 16/17 February 2008



  Identity (Time allocated: 1hr+, facilitated by Leeds NB )
  Introduction to NB
  What is/Who are NB?
  What are the most pressing issues facing the network (group discussions)

  Updates (1hr, London NB )
  debrief from camp and london feedback
  debrief from day of action
  Brook House detention centre update
  10 point immigration plan
  health cuts

  Network Structure (30min, Manchester NB )
              Active Groups round-up

  Tactics (1hr)
  What are we trying achieve? Is there a conflict between the ultimate goal
  of actual no borders and more, perhaps easier targets like stopping the
  detention/snatching of children. Should we focus on practical solidarity
or a radical critique?

  Tactics II (1hr)
  Who are our allies in what we’re trying to achieve? To what extent do we
seek co-operation with, for example:

  International NB networks
  anti-fascist movements in UK
  (liberal) (state-sponsored) refugee organisations
  Anti-imperialist/communist organisations/parties
  Direct action movements (Climate Camp)

  Targets (1hr, Bristol NB )
  Based on the tactics discussions, what should be our primary focus? Some
might be:

  State organisations (Home Office, Border & Immigration Agency)
  Corporate targets (security companies, airlines)
  Racist/fascist parties or media (e.g. BNP/ Daily Mail)


  What now? (2hrs)
  On Sunday morning we want to draw the conclusions from Saturday’s
discussions. What should the network do next? This is the time to bring
forward and discuss various proposals. Some that have been mentioned

  Next No Borders Camp(s) UK , Europe & International.
  Popular Education type road show ( Brighton NB )
  "Transnational chain of action" ( London NB )
  Potential action(s) Dover/Calais
  Dawn raid actions

  Decisions (1hr)
  This time should be used to make network-wide decisions if needed. In
particular: what does the network do next on a national level?

  Open space session (2hrs)
  We’d like to use this session to wrap up any unfinished discussion and
to provide more time for issues that come up during the gathering.

  Outreach (1hr, Brighton NB )
  What’s the relationship between popular education and NB? How can we
promote/widen the network?

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