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More news - lobbying airline companies DOES work! 
Keep sending those faxes and emails!
On Monday the Glasgow Enforcement Unit told Bridget O'Koro's lawyer that a
'malfunction' with the plane stopped her from being forcibly removed to
Nigeria. It seems now that this is not true.

A second woman also due to be flown on a Virgin Nigeria - Kemi Ayinde  - has not
been flown as well. Emails with the company reveal that Virgin Nigeria have
declined to take these two women.

A copy of the Virgin Nigeria Airlines message about Bridget is copied below.

"Thank you for contacting us at Virgin Nigeria.
We note, with great concern, your email in respect of Virgin Nigeria's alleged
role in the forceful removal to Nigeria of Bridget and her daughter Osaivibie
O'koro on Virgin Nigeria Airways Flight (VK296) on July 05, 2008 from London
Heathrow to Lagos.
We empathize with Bridget and the circumstances surrounding her migration to the
United Kingdom, as recounted by your goodself, and her subsequent pending
deportation there from. We have noted the suggestion proffered by your goodself
regarding the manner in which VNA conducts itself in this matter and we believe
same to be tantamount to non-cooperation with the Government which is inimical
to the interests of all concerned parties. 
We also do not wish to be perceived by your good selves as over-simplifying or
embellishing the facts/issues, which we are not privy to, surrounding the
deportation of any person(s) deemed an illegal immigrant or any person(s)
denied Asylum in any country we operate from. We hope that Bridget will seek
relief in the Asylum process and we sincerely hope this will result in the best
solution for her and her daughter.
It is pertinent to mention that we do not tolerate the inhumane treatment of any
person onboard any of our flights as we ensure that all our passengers are
treated with dignity and respect firmly recognizing that Asylum Seekers are not
criminals but law abiding persons found to have no right or entitlement to
remain in that particular country. 
Furthermore, Virgin Nigeria does not make any special profit from these
operations and has never operated a removal flight before. We only carry
passengers booked on our reservation systems.
We appreciate your letter to us in this regard and we welcome your future
Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.
Yours faithfully,
For: Virgin Nigeria Airways Ltd.
Stella Allen
Customer Relations Executive"

Again - A big thank you to everyone who sent emails and faxes on behalf of
Bridget and the other families currently in detention in Yarlswood


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