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Subject: [noborders-uk] No Borders Gathering 2009
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Date:    Sun, July 20, 2008 9:02 am
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hey all,

so at the gathering early this year in Manchester we agreed that a further
gathering this year, instead of a camp, would be a useful and welcomed
thing for us to do after the summer.

in the meeting newcastle said they'd have discussions about being host,
with some time after september being suggested. bristol agreed that if
newcastle didn't feel they had the time or capacity to do it, we'd take it
on instead.

just wondered if newcastle were up for it, or should we chat about things
here in bristol, if people still think it's a good idea? if we were to
host a gathering here in bristol it's unlikely that we could achieve this
before november 2008 - but if people want to pop over and chat/meet up
more informally anyway there will be an anarchist bookfair here saturday
13th september, and bristol no borders will be hosting a workshop.



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