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Subject: [noborders-uk] Manchester Labour Party conference
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Hello there. Manchester No Borders is hosting a series of events to
coincide with the Labour Pary conference which will take place in
Manchester again this September.

This will include:
No Borders and the Anarchist Federationa bloc on the Saturday demo.
Campaign Against Immigration Control and Manchester No Borders tactics
talk (4-6pm Saturday, Friends Meeting House)
No Borders tour of Manchester (Sunday 11am, starts at Mechanic Institute)
No Borders 'Punk and Poetry' fundraiser (Sunday 7:30pm-late, Saki bar)
'Imaginging a World Without Borders' theory discussion (Tuesday 7pm, Uni
of Man SU)

First of all this is an invitation for other No Borders groups to come and
join us on the demo, at the talks, tours and the fundraiser. We can sort
out a bit of sleeping space etc..

Also, we wanted to check that the next gathering isn't being planned for
this weekend?



For a World without Borders, States and War!

Roll up, roll up...
Across the world we see an unprecedented increase in border management and
social control. The UK government are at the forefront of this. And they
are holding their annual party conference in Manchester, from 20th to 25th
September 2008.

The Stop the War Coalition have called for a march through Manchester on
Saturday 20th September. We invite all anti-authoritarians, anarchists and
all those against states, nations and borders to join the 'freedom of
movement' bloc, and to play a trick or two on those clowns in the Labour
Party circus.

Let's collectively imagine a world without borders and wars and fight
together to realise this!

Let's come together on September 20th at 12 noon. Assemble at the north
end of Albert Square. Look out for the red and black flags.

Called by Manchester No Borders (www.manchesternoborders.org.uk) and
Anarchist Federation (manchester at af-north.org)

[if you need accommodation before or after the demo, email
manchesternoborders at riseup.net]

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