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Volunteer, Mansoor, Screening & Hillingdon, age and identity

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[1]... Volunteer Treasurer Wanted
[2]... Mansoor Hassan, here to stay
[3]... Children’s Commissioner’s reports on: Screening Unit & Hillingdon
[4]... Who decides the age and identity of unaccompanied minors?
[5]... Asylum and Immigration conferences: March 15th and March 29th

[1]... Volunteer Treasurer Wanted

Exile is looking for a volunteer Treasurer (Trustee) -

Summary - A person with good finance knowledge is needed to help Exile
manage it's accounts, budget and ensure controls are in place to comply
with legislation’s. All Travel and associated out-of-pocket expenses
will be paid.

Commitment – Minimum 4 meetings per year.

Induction – Briefing & informal meetings, external training can be

If you are interested in this role, or need to know more, please email:

          frank.corrigan at frankslist.info

An informal face-to-face meeting, or telephone call can also be aranged.

[2]... Mansoor Hassan, here to stay

Congratulations to Mansoor Hassan and family, whose campaign to stay in
the UK has finally succeeded. 

As a founding volunteer trustee of Exile (http://www.exile.org.uk) his
help and support has always been appreciated.


Hassan Family Stay Campaign

Mansoor Hassan and Family Defence Campaign

[3]... Children’s Commissioner’s reports on: Screening Unit & Hillingdon

Traumatised and neglected: how Britain fails child asylum-seekers

Report: Claiming asylum at a screening unit as an unaccompanied child
Children’s Commissioner calls for end to unacceptable treatment of young
asylum seekers

Hillingdon report (March 2008)
The Children’s Commissioner’s findings and recommendations regarding the
care of unaccompanied asylum seeking children in the London Borough of

This document is aimed at:

     * Government
     * Children’s services
     * Those working with unaccompanied 
        asylum seeking children
     * Members and staff of the London Borough of Hillingdon

We conclude, in the light of our research, that the best interests of
unaccompanied asylum seeking children (UASC) in Hillingdon are not being
adequately protected at present.

No longer cast adrift: http://www.asylumsupport.info/castadrfit.htm ? ?

Hillingdon news release
(Word doc)
Evidence from the Office of the Children’s Commissioner on the
de-accommodation policy and practice of the London Borough of Hillingdon


The Queen on the application of Helen Berhe, Yorsmame Kidane, Wahdat
Munir, Albertina Ncube (claimant) v The London Borough of Hillingdon
(defendant) - Secretary of State for Education and Skills (interested
No longer cast adrift

London Borough of Hillingdon
Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA) scorecard 2007

Care and support for unaccompanied asylum seeking children covering
entitlements to social services support and the Hillingdon judgement

Changes since the Hillingdon judgement (2003)

Leading article: Every child matters
...children seeking asylum. They are sometimes brought to this country
by people traffickers, taken into care, and then disappear.

Our children are missing: Most vulnerable youngsters are targeted
Social services departments are also being stretched by growing problem
of young asylum-seekers who vanish from care soon after arriving alone
in the UK – amid suspicions they have been taken by human traffickers.

[4]... Who decides the age and identity of unaccompanied minors?

It was held that a local authority does not have the final say on the
matter of a young person's age and identitiy, and that such a decision
should ultimately rest with the court.
London Borough of Lambeth v. TK & KK


When is a child not a child? Asylum, age disputes and the process of age

[5]... Asylum and Immigration conferences: March 15th and March 29th

Joint BASW/Unison Asylum Conference - 15th March 2008, London

The conference aims to challenge the UK Government to recognise their
full obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.  

The challenge:

To launch the campaign to promote the rights and welfare of children
without UK citizenship living in the UK 
To provide information and support for professionals working with these
children to enable them to promote their rights and welfare in their
every day practice 
To lobby the Government 

29th March 2008: Conference against Immigration Controls, London

2nd Trade Union and Community Conference
We aim for a conference that is undogmatic and which allows for open

Themes identified are:

*   how trade unions can initiate a campaign of recruitment and
organisation of migrants and refugees
*   Fighting back against the implementation of new legislation 'to
prevent illegal working in the    UK'

*   Stopping deportations and  detention of members

*   Defiance not Compliance – How   can unions support and encourage
their members in refusing to implement immigration controls in their 
services -  social work, education, pilots and air cabin crew, ticket inspectors...

*   Immigration, racism and fascism –   opposing racist propaganda, the
myths from the Government,  the media and the fascists.


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