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I understand that No Borders is organising a nationwide day of protest
outside ID centres and we are interested in joining you for that event. If
you are planning a demo in Birmingham, can you please send me any details or
publicity material you have so that I can pass them on to our supporters?

Our next meeting is at 7.30pm in the boardroom at the Bennett's Bar at the
junction of Bennett's Hill and Waterloo Street, postcode B2 5RS, in the city
centre this Tuesday 28 October. Please feel free to join us.

Michelle Graham
NO2ID Birmingham Coordinator
07734 087470

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this email because you have indicated that you want to receive news
about the NO2ID campaign. If you no longer want to receive news from
NO2ID Birmingham please email birmingham at no2id.net and you will be
removed from our list immediately.

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