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Hi No Borders people,
 Its Josie from London No Borders here.
 A No Borders stall has been booked at the anarchist bookfair (18th
october - Queen Mary & Westfield College, Mile End Road, London, E1
4NS.) and I'm looking for people who are willing to stand at the stall
for an hour or two during the day. IF yr coming down and yr willing
please email me and let me know if there are times of the day you cant
do. Then I'll work out a rough rota and email it around. Also if you
have any flyers or anything else you want to go on the stall please
bring it on the day.
 We've also booked a workshop, the slot is 5-6pm. There should be a
discussion about 'why oppose borders' but also if you want to give an
update from your group that would be great - again let me know if poss.
 If this has come to a contact email address please can you forward it
to the no borders list in your town...
 see you soon,
 x Josie

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