[noborders-brum] exchange of emails in recent weeks

Joyce Canaan joycecanaan at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Oct 19 20:29:59 UTC 2008

As one member of ARC, Joyce Canaan, happens to be on the No Borders mailing
list and has watched the exchange of emails with regard to Val and Corvin,
some of us in ARC (Joyce, Dave Rogers and Mary Wilkins), felt that we wanted
to intervene in this exchange because we have been working very productively
with Val and Corvin over the past year or so. 


We in ARC think that the exchanges between Mike, Shiar and phunkee, and Val
and Corvin, should stop. At a time of deep economic crisis, when neoliberal
capitalism is in a tailspin that could have devastating effects for all of
us and particularly for all migrants and working class people, we think that
whatever happened in the social centre several years ago is really not that
significant and should be put in the past. There are serious allegations
being made against Val and Corvin. Can No Borders at a national level can
offer some mediation here so that these exchanges can be replaced by more
valuable campaigning efforts? we don't exclude people who in our opinion are
valuable to progressive struggles?


There is room for publicising our beliefs, room for direct action, room for
constructive debate and strategising but no room for internal wrangling that
seeps energy from more important matters.  


Can we move on? We as ARC will continue to work with Val and Corvin because
they make a valuable contribution to ARC. We want to continue to work with
No Borders because we respect the politics and work being done. 


Whatever personal or ideological differences we have, we think that given
the major contradictions that face us at present, these differences pale
into insignificance. We ALL should move on and organise together against the
real enemy.

Mary, Dave, Joyce

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