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Subject: [noborders-uk] no borders gathering newcastle, 8 & 9 nov
From:    "Thomas Cowan" <whydontyou at post.com>
Date:    Fri, September 19, 2008 11:13 am
To:      noborders-uk at lists.riseup.net

hi there,

its still a while away but just a reminder that the next no borders
gathering is in Newcastle, 8 & 9 November (email below). We haven’t
heard back from many groups yet with proposals for agenda items, so if
you’ve got any it’d be great if you can get them to us asap and we
can start drafting an agenda.

Also, it’d be good to get an idea of how many people are planning on
coming to help us sort out accommodation, and any other needs, eg
childcare etc.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!


  From: Thomas Cowan <whydontyou at post.com>
  Subject: [noborders-uk] next no borders gathering in Newcastle
  To: noborders-uk at lists.riseup.net
  Date: Friday, 22 August, 2008, 12:06 PM

  hi there

  This is the new address from which the no border gathering 08 will be
  organized. The event will be on the weekend of the 8-9 November in
  Newcastle. The initial times we are thinking of are 9am breakfastfor
  a 10am start each day ending at 6pm on the saturday and 2pm on the
  sunday. Train tickets up here are usually cheaper the earlier youget
  them so it might be worth booking up soonish - we def wont change the
  dates ;) We are looking to thrash out the agenda in the next month so
  people reply to this address with any suggestions you have for agenda
  items etc. it would also be good to get a rough idea of numbers
  on attending so that we can start thinking about sorting out
  accomodation. also, does anyone have childcare needs? if so we will
  our best to sort out some provision, but it might take us some time
  the sooner you can let us know the better. Also if anyone has any
  childcare skills that they would be willing to share, please let us

  great - we are really looking forward to hosting the event in
  and getting a chance to moving forward with developing the uk-wide
  see you all soon

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