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Sam sam.nightjar at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 21:58:56 UTC 2012

Hi protag and jimdog

Thanks for your replies. I think either will work and would be happy to make  either happen. Let me know soon as the decision is arrived upon. 

Whichever happens on the day though I can only get said musicians if they can get travel expenses. Who holds the purse strings for this? Can either of you say yay or nay so I can book them out please? 


Ps Hope agm goes well. I'd love to support the club more but I'm always a mother on sundays so could never make any meetings. Much respect for what you all do.

On 14 Apr 2012, at 19:47, protag <protag at aktivix.org> wrote:

> On Sat, 14 Apr 2012 10:32:02 -0700, theinnercityhippy at riseup.net wrote:
>> In terms of maypole music, there are quite a few acoustic or quiet acts
> on
>> early on plus an overlap for swpping musicians between sets. If we time
> it
>> right, we could set up some more speakers near to the maypole (ptg-is
> this
>> possible?) and catch the silence as I agree it would be good to amplify.
>> somewhere between half 1 and 2 would be a good bet?
>> JD
> Hi
> I like both ideas:
> <b> another location with its own sound system
> <a> A big dance in front of one of the stages
> I'd thought of having a buskers stage on the Belvedere where an MC could
> co-ordinate the maypole dancing from, and where we could also provide a
> platform for buskers, poets and political ranters.
> That would be dependent on either episodes of overlapping silence from the
> bigger stages or else performers playing at family-friendly volumes.
> In fact, even if we opt for <a> and re-jig the running order to
> accomodate, I still think a third vocal-rig stage would be worth having.
> I'm more or less resigned to arriving on Friday and setting up, to get all
> this working in time. But I need to be away from 6.00 till about 1.00 to do
> No Hands so if anyone fancies sitting in a tent with a kettle, a radio and
> some big piles of speakers for a few hours that would be helpful.
> Cheers
> protag
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