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Tue Apr 24 22:05:06 UTC 2012

3 Marquee at club=3 gazebo's :) shouldn't take too long..


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Subject: [Reclaimmayday] Stewarding
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Creating a schedule to see who is available at what time for stewarding 
and litter picking. Can anyone who has volunteered for either job reply 
with their availability.

There will be a briefing at 11 for everyone who can make it which will 
include H&S info etc as well as what the roles generally include. 

If anyone can suggest roles that stewards can cover that would be 

Also i have got 3 marquees from the uni union that are somewhere in 
the 1in12 at the moment. They don't seem that big. Volunteers will be 
needed to set them up on site in the morning (they took a while last 

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other stuff

On 24/04/2012 14:08, Heather Blakey wrote:
> Hi all.
> Toilets just about confirmed for Saturday.
> Few questions:
> What is the earliest we can be on site to take delivery on Saturday? 
> said 7 or 8 - people who know about set up, is this right?)

> What is the latest we'll be around on Sunday for them to collect? 
> said 12 - people who know how long it takes to dismantle things, is 
> right?)

> They won't take a chq on the day (they had one bounce last year and 
> got the money). They either need bank transfer in advance or a debit 
> credit card on the day. What is possible for us to do? And how do I 
> it happen?
I can pay with my debit card and get a cheque from t'club, or bpcac 
contributions add up sufficiently) of else from the massive cash 
on the day. Get them to ring me and I can pay them over the phone.

> Other stuff:
> If it was too late to update the programmes with the changes we 
> last night for footprint (specifically, adding in the mayday 
discussion to
> the activities list& changing whichever band pulled out for the 
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