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Rethink halts eviction of failed asylum seekers 
By Anne Alexander 
Political Editor 
Evictions of failed asylum seekers who were on emergency benefits in Leeds have been halted - after people were driven underground by an unworkable "paper policy" which left them hungry, homeless and desperate.
Home Office minister Tony McNulty ordered a rethink after it emerged that large numbers of people waiting to be sent back, were disappearing into the "underworld" after receiving confusing letters telling them they had to go back to their home country. 
Fears were raised that the failed asylum seekers were being driven into criminal activities because they were left destitute after having their subsistence cut off. 
Hundreds of letters were sent out to people on section four in the Leeds area during a period of around four weeks informing them they needed to make arrangements to voluntarily return home. It said that if they did not respond to the letter, their subsistence would be cut off. 
Many either misunderstood the letters, or failed to respond due to fear and either disappeared or had their benefits stopped and were evicted - leading to problems in the area. 
John Battle MP (Leeds West), who met Mr McNulty, said: "We really have to think seriously about what options people have got if they are tipped out into the streets with no money and no home and no resources."

01 December 2005
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