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  is this for all UK or just for Leeds?

Am 01.12.2005 um 16:58 schrieb Becky:

> source:http://www.leedstoday.net/ViewArticle2.aspx? 
> SectionID=39&ArticleID=1272929
> Rethink halts eviction of failed asylum seekers
> By Anne Alexander
> Political Editor
> Evictions of failed asylum seekers who were on emergency benefits in  
> Leeds have been halted – after people were driven underground by an  
> unworkable "paper policy" which left them hungry, homeless and  
> desperate.
> Home Office minister Tony McNulty ordered a rethink after it emerged  
> that large numbers of people waiting to be sent back, were  
> disappearing into the "underworld" after receiving confusing letters  
> telling them they had to go back to their home country.
> Fears were raised that the failed asylum seekers were being driven  
> into criminal activities because they were left destitute after having  
> their subsistence cut off.
> Hundreds of letters were sent out to people on section four in the  
> Leeds area during a period of around four weeks informing them they  
> needed to make arrangements to voluntarily return home. It said that  
> if they did not respond to the letter, their subsistence would be cut  
> off.
> Many either misunderstood the letters, or failed to respond due to  
> fear and either disappeared or had their benefits stopped and were  
> evicted – leading to problems in the area.
> John Battle MP (Leeds West), who met Mr McNulty, said: "We really have  
> to think seriously about what options people have got if they are  
> tipped out into the streets with no money and no home and no  
> resources."
> 01 December 2005
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