[sheffield-noborders] introduction

fabian fab at in-no.org
Wed Dec 7 10:23:11 GMT 2005


Hi Ionnek

> I've subscribed because I have a question. Would you like to have your 
> wiki and/or your mailing list info page linked in an indymedia uk 
> article? I'd like to put together a feature for the indymedia 
> migration section. The idea would be to list noborder-related 
> resources: the noborder forum, the noii at yahoogroups mailing list, 
> the action2-l mailing list, local noborder related uk blogs, websites 
> and wikis and maybe local mailing lists. Also there are some noborder 
> related european websites.
Thats a great idea and I am very happy with having sheff links in the 

> I'd welcome any suggestions, links, collaborators for such a feature.
please link also the makebordershistory.org page...which we will 
hopefully develop into a tool for campaigning around maps, inner-city 
action and awareness rising...it's now mainly used for magical mystery 
tour documentation and preparation...another think:
we really should have one uk wide mailing list for 
noborder/anti-racist/anti-detention and deportation stuff...as far as I 
see there're now two who qualify to become that one list...the 2nd 
april list and the NOII list....maybe they could merge...
what do you reckon?

> If you don't want lurkers on your list, just unsubscribe me. I could 
> always stay in touch with you through individuals...
You're welcome to stay, we have lurkers already and we love'em...:-)

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