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Pilot project - Dedicated legal advice telephone service fThought this was useful information to share.
Pippa x

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Subject: Pilot project - Dedicated legal advice telephone service for women

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Pilot project - Dedicated legal advice telephone service for women

The Refugee Women's Resource Project at Asylum Aid is piloting a dedicated legal advice telephone service for women.

The advice line is open to take calls from:

  o Women seeking legal advice about their asylum claim;

  o Family members and friends of women asylum seekers;

  o Family members and friends of women wishing to seek asylum or protection in the UK;

  o Practitioners who would like legal advice on behalf of their women clients on gender related claims.

The advice line number is:  020 7247 8741

The advice line will be open for calls at the following times:

Tuesday 21st November 2006 from   10.30am to 1.00pm

Friday 24th November 2006 from  2.oopm to 4.30 pm

Please can you distribute this information

Maggie Crowley
Refugee Women's Resource Project (RWRP)

Asylum Aid
28 Commercial Street
London E1 6LS
Tel: 020 7377 5123

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