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Becky noborders123 at onetel.com
Fri Nov 10 21:57:46 GMT 2006

Hi all 
It has been agreed by social centre meeting that we can have a noborders meeting in the space.
the space will be running from 29.11.06 to 13.12.06 
we need to book a time slot in the diary and so I'm suggesting we have a meeting on the 1st saturday (2nd Dec).
I can make any time from 2.30pm and I suggest the latest we set it for is 7.00pm (ie so we were done by 9pm).  There is stuff already arranged to be going on in the space during the day and eve and so we may get other people interested who are already there.  Also theres a no sweat benefit in the eve (starting at 8 I think?) which we could stay for.
(in case its relevant the second saturday (9th) wouldn't be a good time as there's a women only event in the afternoon with a mixed event in the evening).

Can people get back and say if they can make any or all times on sat 2nd from 2.30pm - 7pm? 

Others can of course suggest a different date, but I'm limited as to how much time I can be there so I'm just suggesting a time when I'm fairly sure I can be.

It would be helpful if you could reply by Tuesday 14th Nov 5pm as the next meeting is Tue (7.30 Rutland if anyone wants to get involved)

We then need to think about how we want to publicise the meeting and what its 'theme' is.
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