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No Borders UK Gathering Proposal - Leeds, February/March 2007

The No Borders network in the UK is expanding all the time.
Its principles of self-organised, grassroots, direct action against
the racist asylum and immigration system are attracting a wide
coalition of people who are becoming radicalised by the horrific
treatment of migrants in Britain. We are stopping deportations,
ending detentions, fighting individual campaigns, exposing the
prison-like conditions of so-called 'reporting' and 'removal' centres
and the companies that profit, organising marches and demonstrations,
providing mutual support and solidarity and educating others
about what is really happening in this country...

...but it is not enough. We are not winning; we are not even treading water.
Deportations and detentions happen every day that none of us will ever
know or hear about. Destitution is getting worse. Each time we get
a small victory, the government simply steps up another gear. And at 
every turn
we question what we are doing, whether we should be doing something 
how we can improve, where we are heading and how.

Leeds No Borders marked its first anniversary last Wednesday with a
look back on all we had achieved in the past 12 months. We've gone from
being a largely white group of 'activists' to a genuine rainbow coalition of
people from different backgrounds and continents. The discussion
was positive but realistic - we are getting hammered and either we stand
and fight or we give up. The second option is not up for discussion.

As a group we have drawn strength and inspiration from the work of
London No Borders, Glasgow Unity and the National Coalition of 
Campaigns. We feel there is a strong and powerful solidarity network in 
the UK
but that it is fragmented, lacking in strategic cohesion, failing to 
communicate and
unable to see the bigger picture and how we can and must link our 
struggles into
all others for global justice.

Gathering Proposal

Leeds No Borders is thus proposing a face to face gathering of the No 
Borders network
and its allies in February or March of next year - 2007 - in Leeds. So 
that we can:

- share our stories, struggles and experiences
- teach each other what we have learned
- discuss what works and what needs to work
- place our struggle in a wider global context
- think strategically and tactically
- improve our communications and collective work
- meet each other and build up friendship and mutual understanding
- plan joint actions and campaigns

We are proposing a major weekend gathering - Friday to Sunday

We are proposing that No Borders groups and other networks and 
organisations discuss amongst
yourselves this idea and feedback to us your thoughts.

If you are supprortive, what weekend dates would be ok / or ones to 
definitely avoid.

Please email these suggestions to: stuart.hodkinson at gmx.net

in solidarity

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