[Ssf] Re: [eulsf] Building local social forums

Azril Bacal Azril.Bacal at soc.uu.se
Tue Nov 2 18:07:12 GMT 2004

Hello fellow EULSFers,

First of all, thank you all, Dan, Mariangela, Pierre and everybody who wrote
their accounts up to now.

Since I deeply believe that without the local social forums flowering around the
world, the WSF does not have a future as a transformative global social
movement, we are actually "writing history". This is why I insist in organizing
a dialogic space (a number of sessions) at the next WSF 2005.

In the interim, I hope that we can get together a somewhat coherent report
grounded in the experience of the (up to now) five local social forums
organized in Sweden.
Warm regards,

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