[Ssf] Project Fallujah : Central

Adam Moran adam at mkdoc.com
Mon Nov 8 12:42:38 GMT 2004

Hi Ian,

> 'Twinning arrangements are no longer made by the Council'. Who says? 

It was Jean Cromar that informed me this was the case.

> ... 'Friendship link' sounds far too weak a term. 

I take your point, but as I wrote to Jean a 'friendship link' at least 
sounds like an appropriate place to start.

> If that decision can be made, then it can be unmade. 


> It would only need to be a temporary twinning. 

I think Fallujah needs / will need more than temporary help.

> I am no great fan of  'twinning' (I can't even remember the names of the French and German towns that Sheffield is twinned with) 

"Sheffield is twinned with the cities of Anshan in China, Bochum in 
Germany, Donetsk in the Ukraine and Esteli in Nicaragua."

> it strikes me as pretty meaningless - but Fallujah is very, very different.  

I agree.

I have had three further replies from councillors, making a total of 
eight so far. Two of them have been very positive and there is likely to 
be a meeting. Do you fancy coming along too Ian.


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