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Dear all

Just to let you know that there are two vigils/protests in front of the 
Town Hall today: 12.30-1.30pm and 4.30pm onwards
Best wishes

>> Major offensive 'still to come'
>> November 9, 2004
>> LARGE-scale operations to retake Iraq's rebel-held Fallujah would 
>> begin
>> within a day, an Iraqi minister said today.
>> Defence Minister Sheikh azem Shaalan was speaking on Monday, Iraq 
>> time,
>> and referred to a major offensive on Tuesday.
>> "The assault was launched today... Fallujah is completely surrounded
>> and under siege," he told reporters in Baghdad.
>> "Tomorrow is the large-scale operation to retake the city.
>> "We've called it Operation Dawn. God willing, it's going to be a new,
>> happy dawn for the people of Fallujah."
>> ------
>> Iraq Occupation Focus
>> Newsletter No. 12
>> November 6, 2004
>> Bush’s re-election and the tragic deaths of three UK soldiers in Iraq
>> should be a signal for all those opposed to the occupation to renew 
>> and
>> redouble their campaigning efforts. With the assault on Fallujah and
>> Ramadi imminent, it’s time to escalate our activity. More than ever we
>> need to focus on Iraq and step our demands for immediate, unilateral,
>> and complete withdrawal of all UK forces from Iraq.
>> “I think they should just get them all out of there now, because if 
>> not
>> we are going to lose a lot more like this,” said Craig Lowe, a serving
>> soldier and the brother of one of the three British soldiers killed on
>> Thursday by a suicide bomber near Baghdad. He added that his brother
>> had blamed Bush for “starting a war over nothing, trying to get money
>> and oil. That’s what we all thought.”

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