[Ssf] contact card

Kevin Gillan k.gillan at sheffield.ac.uk
Wed Nov 10 19:47:13 GMT 2004

Haven't shopped around yet but I guess its gonna be plain white card,
matte rather than glossy.

Vistaprint seem relatively cheap - £16.50 for 250 cards on plain white
215gsm card; extra £7 for glossy. Blank back.

They're doing a 'free' offer, (250 cards would actually cost about
£3.50), that includes their own logo on the back. V cheap, but
advertising sucks. (maybe we could subvertise by hand?)


sheffjeff wrote:

> Looks fine, what material would they be printed out on?
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>>A while ago we mentioned doing business card sized, er, cards, to give
>>out to people we'd chatted to about SSF.
>>I've done a draft, let me know what you think. I'll investigate prices
> asap.
>>Draft at http://wiki.sheffieldsocialforum.org.uk/Resources
>>Anything about it can be changed, so be honest!
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