[Ssf] Fallujah: murder televised on TV

dave thompson mpower0 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 11 19:50:41 GMT 2004

I have just witnessed a murder on tv and on Sky news
at least, the journalist condoning the murder..


During the battle for Fallujah, they showed a marine
saying, “I’ve just injured one, he’s between the two
buildings”. At that moment another marine walks over
to the gap between the two houses, he then climbs on a
forty four gallon drum aims his gun at the injured
Iraqi and fires one shot.

The Sky reporter: the veteran David Chater, whose
report incidentially did not include the caveat, that
it was 'compiled under U.S military restrictions' just
says something like: 'they cannot risk suicide bombers
blowing themselves up' 

I am writing to them for the transcript unless someone
on here knows exactly what he said.

So there we have it, a major crime, a wounded man
executed and then endorsed by a British TV journalist

And they call it a war for civilisation...

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