[Ssf] Fallujah: murder televised on TV

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Fri Nov 12 17:44:14 GMT 2004

  Fallujah is a turning point for the occupation, Vietnam did not suddenly 
"start" it crept up on the US.  Kennedy took the US into Vietnam and it 
started well with very relativly few casualties but turned into the most 
financially expensive war of all time.  Fallujah has triggered uprisings in 
kirkuk and mosul - these are areas with a large proportion of kurds who 
apparently "supported" the war.  Day by day US and british troops are being 
dragged further and further into Iraq, the iraqi army and police are almost 
non-exsistant with only about 20 000 fully effective people in their ranks.  
The US is training them so fast that they are being killed easier than ever 
and out of the 20 000 or so fully effective iraqi soldiors over a third of 
them are being used in the fallujah operation.

  The political situation in Iraq is dire, the prime ministers relatives are 
being targetted, the grand ayatolla ali cistani is still popular but even he 
as a moderate has requested the americans leave, the so called 'terrorist' 
zaquawi is an irrelevence and as far as i am concerned may not even exsist.  
He may have a high profile in the US or Europe but interveiw after interveiw 
with the iraqi resistance has shown that the vast majority of the resistance 
are not 'foreign fighters' or al quaeda associates, they are reasonable 
people trying to defend their country from turning into the new saudi 

  I have no interest into going to another public meeting with the usual 
labour party pacifist, SWP demagogue and a representative from the 
palestinian solidarity campaign.  Vigils are ok but in the end all they do 
is ease empire guilt and conceinces, nowadays they don't even get publicity. 
  The only real option is direct action which has unfortunatly been 
effectivly condemned by the stop the war coalition, when i tabled a 
resolution saying that the stop the war coalition should support direct 
action unfortunatly it was blocked by the so called "marxists" of the SWP 
and the rest.  These are the people that preach the russian revolution but 
when it comes to actually doing somthing that isnt preaching within their 
little circles the room goes suspiciously silent.  Without getting into the 
deep philosophical debate i believe that it was marx that said something 
along the lines of: "the time has gone for interpreting the world, it is our 
task to change it", i find it ironic that the so called 'class worriors' end 
up putting all their hopes into the basket of rebbelling labour MP's who 
lets face it are (without exception) part of the dominant class and have 
been attacking our brothers and sisters ever since their election in 1997.

  We are now in a situation where direct action is needed now to prevent 
further loss of life, it is time to put our trust in the iraqi people, the 
middle east is not our territory to impose our values on and the iraq war is 
not ours to fight.  It is an essentially racist right wing argument to argue 
that the iraqis are not capable to look after themselves and if left to 
themselve this government has claimed that the iraqis will not resist the 
reactionairy forces but instead the occupying power is "letting the 
terrorists take over".  It is time to stop this government from messing 
around in someone elses back yard...

  The reason for this email is to say that i dont want another walk around 
the city centre i want to say that in principle i am wanting and willing to 
carryout direct action.  I ask: Is the sence of feeling strong enough for 
others to take this step, if it is just say so and we can work out the 
practicalities later, if it isnt then just forget i ever said anything...

yours faithfully

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>Subject: Re: [Ssf] Fallujah: murder televised on TV
>Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 20:05:28 +0000
>Have you seen what else is going on around Iraq? -
>US-led troops find three Iraqi contractors and an Iraqi taxi-driver in 
>Falluja believed to be held as hostages
>At least 17 people are killed in a car bomb in a busy Baghdad shopping area
>Masked insurgents in northern Mosul attack several police stations and loot 
>weapons and ammunition, before setting at least two of them on fire. The 
>attacks prompt US strikes against suspected rebel targets
>Kirkuk Governor Abdulrahman Mustafa escapes an assassination attempt in the 
>northern city, but several people are injured in the bomb attack on his 
>Can we call it a 'descent into chaos' yet? Nah! As Laura Bush says, "I 
>truly believe that Iraq is becoming a democracy." Hey, perhaps if we all 
>believe enough! And anyone that doesn't believe, well... we can just shoot 
>the fuckers!
>dave thompson wrote:
>>I have just witnessed a murder on tv and on Sky news
>>at least, the journalist condoning the murder..
>>During the battle for Fallujah, they showed a marine
>>saying, “I’ve just injured one, he’s between the two
>>buildings”. At that moment another marine walks over
>>to the gap between the two houses, he then climbs on a
>>forty four gallon drum aims his gun at the injured
>>Iraqi and fires one shot.
>>The Sky reporter: the veteran David Chater, whose
>>report incidentially did not include the caveat, that
>>it was 'compiled under U.S military restrictions' just
>>says something like: 'they cannot risk suicide bombers
>>blowing themselves up'
>>I am writing to them for the transcript unless someone
>>on here knows exactly what he said.
>>So there we have it, a major crime, a wounded man
>>executed and then endorsed by a British TV journalist
>>And they call it a war for civilisation...
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