[Ssf] Russia working on new nuclear weapons

Dan dan at aktivix.org
Thu Nov 18 17:32:06 GMT 2004

Yup - that's been on the cards for a while.  Dan-plug - here's a bit 
from an article I did before the war started -

"The strongest effect of dropping out of nuclear proliferation treaties 
has, not surprisingly, been the threat of a renewed nuclear arms race. 
Mohamed El Baradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, 
believes that we will not succeed in stopping more countries building 
the bomb if the countries that have them do not continue to disarm. 
Before 9/11, China made it clear that it would not tolerate a situation 
where the US was hiding safely under its techno-umbrella, able to strike 
with impunity: "China cannot sit idly by and watch its means for 
self-defence being weakened and even deprived of in any form." Russia is 
bringing back on line 144 'satan' missiles, which were to be scrapped 
under the START2 treaty negotiated by Bush senior. Each one fires 50 
warheads over its target, 40 of which are decoys. North Korea's renewed 
programme is not unrelated. More weapons will be designed specifically 
to fool any defence shield we may have. Would we really want to pin our 
safety on an unproved, sci-fi system bringing every one of them down?"

Full article - http://www.shef.ac.uk/base/waroniraq.shtml


Danny wrote:

>The Russians are planning to build nuclear weapons that will be able to
>outwit the missile defence system by being manoeverable like cruise
>If the US is going to base part of its system in North Yorkshire I think
>someone should send the government a copy of 'Threads'. And no, I'm not
>trying to be humorous.
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