[Ssf] Disability Benefits cuts meeting 27/11/04: please support...

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Sat Nov 13 11:29:06 GMT 2004

A date for your diary, please note all details are
subject to change/alteration. Do support this meeting
though, imo, the left/progrssive forces/n.g.o's etc,
have largely forgotten the marginalisied and the
vulnearable  in the u.k today. They need our help so
that theye can raise their voices...


p.s any help/advice welcome

Note: All details provisional

End the Silence: End the Disability Benefit Cuts!

Life for those on Disability Benefits in Sheffield and

Saturday 27th Nov 2004 1pm –4pm

St Matthews Church Hall, Carver St, Sheffield

‘Reform of incapacity benefit is one of the key seven
challenges facing us in the new term.’
Tony Blair

‘Like many disable peopled I am terrified of these
cuts, it is already a distressing experience claiming
such benefits’

A disability benefit recipient

A meeting to discuss the coming attacks on welfare
benefits and to raise awareness of the difficulties,
health issues and concerns of those who receive these
benefits and who have no real voice. 

With speakers

Colin Hampton from Chesterfield Unemployed Workers
Centre will be the keynote speaker, perhaps explaining
the nuts and bolts of the issue as it were: current
law, practice, the proposed cuts/changes, Govt
ideology, etc


We hope to have Alan Barker, who is an influential NHS
Naturopath (personal capacity) and who has treated
many people with chronic illness, who will talk about
the negative impact he has seen on peoples health when
engaging with the benefits system.


We have invited an individual claimant who will
describe what life is like on these benefits: the
problems and the hoops one has to go through to get
them, etc. 

Please note there will be time made available for
individuals to tell us their own stories of being on
disability benefits in today’s Britain. 

The floor will then be opened for contributions. 

Refreshments Available

The meeting is primarily organised by Sheffield Social
Forum and Sheffield Welfare Action Network (S.W.A.N),
but we hope to be supported by Sheffield Church
Poverty Action Group, Sheffield Green Party, the Peace
Corporation and others.

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