[Project-fallujah] Re: [sheffield-anti-war-coalition] RE: [Ssf] The White Rose

2 % Human adam at diamat.org.uk
Thu Nov 18 00:35:07 GMT 2004


( I'm answering this is part because the new members of the Fallujah 
list may not be aware that some of the points were addressed earlier 
today. )

John wrote:
> I do condemn very much "the mass civilian bombing of cities that were mainly full of women and children" - on both sides. That is, I condemn BOTH sides for doing that. What's different in this regard, with the war against Iraq, is that there is only one side to condemn. 

I doubt whether the motion will be of the form where it condemns this 
and that and the other. The motion will be based on providing 
humanitarian aid.

Cuthbert wrote:

>     I don't understand what they mean by "fanaticism" 

On one hand the correspondence refers to fanatical groups of the sort 
that shot Margaret Hassan. On the other hand it infers that the opinions 
expressed in our on line communities may be extremist, and therefore not 
representative of Sheffield as a whole.

I hope that we will be able to evidence to the Lib Dems and others, that 
what we feel about the happenings in Fallujah is pretty main-stream.


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