[Ssf] Heely Against the War

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Thu Nov 18 12:06:47 GMT 2004


I understand that the Heely group were very active at the commencement 
of the war, and they successfully lobbied both their councillors and Meg 

Is this group still active ?

If so, I will migrate the content of our old web site on to the wiki [1].

Also, I would seek their support in the twinning proposal.


[1] Present Content:

>  Heeley Against the War
> This is an active local group which has booked and publicised its own coaches for National demonstrations, organised feeder marchers to join city demos, made links and held meetings with local Mosques and has held a local teach-in on Palestine. We filled three coaches for the Feb 15th demo and there were 176 people on the Heeley feeder march on 8 March which met Meg Munn outside her MP's surgery on route to the main Sheffield demo.
> Please keep the pressure up on Heeley MP, Meg Munn, to push the government to provide adequate relief for the people of Iraq following the war, to clear the cluster bombs and to end the US/UK military occupation of the country as soon as possible. (And to find out what happened to the Weapons of Mass Destruction ??) Write to her at:
> 2nd Floor Barkers Pool House Burgess Street Sheffield S1 2HF
> Book appointments at her surgeries (2nd Fri [pm] & Sat [am] of each month) tel 263 4004 or email munnm at parliament.uk
> For more information about the activities of the group, contact Rob Unwin or Dick Pitt.
> To join our new email discussion group visit http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/hmaw
> Other Groups Please note that there is also a Woodseats group – contact Chris Ryan (tel 274 5630) or Jeremy Short (tel 2818301) for details

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