[Ssf] Meetings

spodulike at freeuk.com spodulike at freeuk.com
Thu Nov 18 13:31:17 GMT 2004


Just spoke to Dave about the welfare stuff, not co-ordinated it seems 
and in danger of not happening. So would suggest this organisation 
thing needs to be resolved.

For the meeting it would be good to go around, as did last meet, and 
see what everyone wants to do. Then maybe to set a timescale of stuff 
and priorities?

What really needs to come out is defined tasks. At the moment it seems 
to be individuals who push stuff forward, which is ok but not really 
organised and puts a lot on single cogs. I think one problem is 
everyone is busy but even if we just get some little tasks set on it 
will be more productive than stuff being done ad hoc.

If we have a plan of what needs to be done for this and that and when 
then we can share resources on various different campaigns. Think it 
would also be easier to pull people into the forum if there are tasks 
they could help with and practical stuff to do on a range of campaigns.

Anyway, lemme know wot u think etc, cheers,



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