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Kevin Gillan k.gillan at sheffield.ac.uk
Thu Nov 18 14:53:06 GMT 2004


Thanks for that Jase, I think you're right. We seem to have a number of 
projects that people have already expressed an interest in, though as 
you say tends to be individuals pushing them without necessarily getting 
the support they need.  Thought it might be useful to get together a 
project status report (yuck) so here's all the info I've got at present,

I'll also stick this up here: 
If people can offer more information, and as developments happen, maybe 
folk could add information on the wiki to keep it up to date. Could also 
have specific contact details for each project so that if people stumble 
on the website and want to get involved with one particular thing, they 
can get in touch.

Finance: We've got £46.05 in the kitty
(Details here: 

General Publicity:
Kev's done a draft contact card, that he reckons is pretty cool :)
View it here: http://wiki.sheffieldsocialforum.org.uk/Resources
I think if we can agree to print this today then Kev will get that 
sorted for the next meeting and we distribute as and when. I'll bring 
some price lists.

Welfare Meeting:
Raising the fact that Blair is targetting the disabled in an attempt to 
cut spending.
More info here:
Date: 27th November, 1-4pm
Venue: St Matthew's Church Hall, Carver St
Actions so far: Dave's sorted a venue and speakers; Kev's doing a poster 
(will bring draft to meeting today).
Things to do: print and distribute publicity (this Friday and Saturday); 
(?)phone groups who should be interested.

UK Local Social Forum Networking Meeting:
The suggestion was for a weekend meeting, inviting people from across 
the UK to share experiences and get to know eachother, as well as 
bringing in folk from Sheffield, who maybe want to know more about the 
social forum lark.
Suggested dates: 4-5 December
Actions so far:
- Sharrow Community Hall booked for the Saturday (no cost); nowhere 
arranged for the Sunday yet as the hall isn't open.
- UK SF lists spammed, response has been that some folk from Leicester 
and Manchester are definitely up for it. One other positive reply though 
not sure where they're coming from.
Things to do:
- More list spamming,
- Sort location for Sunday,
- Sort accomodation for those coming from outside Sheffield (can anyone 
offer spare beds?),
- Design, print and distribute publicity (with some changes we could 
reuse the non distributed one for the ESF),
- Work out a cheap way of feeding everyone.

Project Fallujah:
The idea is to petition the council to twin Sheffield with Fallujah. 
Adam has cracked on with finding support for this idea within the 
council and seems to have had some success. More info needed.

US Presidential Inaugaration:
Fun idea for a protest - ironic victory parade, a chance to distribute 
some serious literature, raise some issues and get some attention.
Date: 20th Jan
Things to do:
- everything, maybe set up an informal, non publicised meeting to 
discuss possibilities, basically get a project group together.

Spittal Hill Local Voice:
There's a page recently set up here:
They could use some support I'm sure. We could use some more info on 
what's happening.

Regeneration Meeting:
Spurred by the discraceful goings on in Burngreave it was suggested that 
it would be good to have a fairly high profile meeting early in the next 
year, to learn about regeneration, how the processes are meant to work, 
and what possibilities there are for opposing the wholesale destruction 
of communities.
Things to do:
- everything, maybe find out who we can get as speakers.

SSF2005 (?annual forum?):
This is a suggestion for sometime next year, possibly to coincide with 
the Sheffield G8 meeting.  Some suggestions have been made here: 
Things to do:
- everything, maybe focus on visualising the thing for now, stick ideas 
on the wiki or the list.

Think that's the lot, see you later,


spodulike at freeuk.com wrote:

> Ello,
> Just spoke to Dave about the welfare stuff, not co-ordinated it seems 
> and in danger of not happening. So would suggest this organisation 
> thing needs to be resolved.
> For the meeting it would be good to go around, as did last meet, and 
> see what everyone wants to do. Then maybe to set a timescale of stuff 
> and priorities?
> What really needs to come out is defined tasks. At the moment it seems 
> to be individuals who push stuff forward, which is ok but not really 
> organised and puts a lot on single cogs. I think one problem is 
> everyone is busy but even if we just get some little tasks set on it 
> will be more productive than stuff being done ad hoc.
> If we have a plan of what needs to be done for this and that and when 
> then we can share resources on various different campaigns. Think it 
> would also be easier to pull people into the forum if there are tasks 
> they could help with and practical stuff to do on a range of campaigns.
> Anyway, lemme know wot u think etc, cheers,
> Jason

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