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Wed Nov 17 09:59:27 GMT 2004

Again - I suggest we go to this, as part of Muslim Awareness week. 
Marching, shouting and writing isn't going to do much good - neither is 
joining RESPECT which, I'd say, is just another cynical attempt by guess 
who to capitalise on Muslim feeling about the war for their own ends.

all this sectarian shit towords the swp.. how big? how clever? i had avery long coversation with mat t regards the can lattern parade.. in fact i have been spekaing with a load of people over cups of tea a pipe over the last few weeks.. simple idd say victory to the insurgance in iraq.. i shall not mourn the death of any working class.. there aint the time.. this is and has been a war against islam.. now idd say this to swp likewise take your empire guilt elsewhere.. 

The global holocaust is a continuous everyday rape of life.
Everyday animals are eviscerated, women are
raped, children molested and murdered, species pushed
to extinction. The earth our home, our life, the
mother of all life is ravaged. A stand must be taken
now for the crisis is upon us, LOVE must be declared,
our culture and its corrupt supporters must fall..


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