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Thu Nov 18 18:05:25 GMT 2004

That's a great job Kev, will bring along a copy to the meet, cheers.

On an unrelated note IT'S SNOWING!!!!
(sorry, get a bit excited at the white stuff - I'll try and not sing 
any christmas carols:)

> Hello
> Thanks for that Jase, I think you're right. We seem to have a number 
> projects that people have already expressed an interest in, though as=
> you say tends to be individuals pushing them without necessarily 
> the support they need.  Thought it might be useful to get together a=
> project status report (yuck) so here's all the info I've got at 
> I'll also stick this up here:=20
> http://wiki.sheffieldsocialforum.org.uk/Campaigns
> If people can offer more information, and as developments happen, 
> folk could add information on the wiki to keep it up to date. Could 
> have specific contact details for each project so that if people 
> on the website and want to get involved with one particular thing, 
> can get in touch.
> Finance: We've got =A346.05 in the kitty
> (Details here:=20
> http://wiki.sheffieldsocialforum.org.uk/Finances#Current_Finances)
> General Publicity:
> Kev's done a draft contact card, that he reckons is pretty cool :)
> View it here: http://wiki.sheffieldsocialforum.org.uk/Resources
> I think if we can agree to print this today then Kev will get that=20

> sorted for the next meeting and we distribute as and when. I'll bring=
> some price lists.
> Welfare Meeting:
> Raising the fact that Blair is targetting the disabled in an attempt 
> cut spending.
> More info here:
> Date: 27th November, 1-4pm
> Venue: St Matthew's Church Hall, Carver St
> Actions so far: Dave's sorted a venue and speakers; Kev's doing a 
> (will bring draft to meeting today).
> Things to do: print and distribute publicity (this Friday and 
> (?)phone groups who should be interested.
> UK Local Social Forum Networking Meeting:
> The suggestion was for a weekend meeting, inviting people from across=
> the UK to share experiences and get to know eachother, as well as=20
> bringing in folk from Sheffield, who maybe want to know more about 
> social forum lark.
> Suggested dates: 4-5 December
> Actions so far:
> - Sharrow Community Hall booked for the Saturday (no cost); nowhere=
> arranged for the Sunday yet as the hall isn't open.
> - UK SF lists spammed, response has been that some folk from 
> and Manchester are definitely up for it. One other positive reply 
> not sure where they're coming from.
> Things to do:
> - More list spamming,
> - Sort location for Sunday,
> - Sort accomodation for those coming from outside Sheffield (can 
> offer spare beds?),
> - Design, print and distribute publicity (with some changes we could=
> reuse the non distributed one for the ESF),
> - Work out a cheap way of feeding everyone.
> Project Fallujah:
> The idea is to petition the council to twin Sheffield with Fallujah.=
> Adam has cracked on with finding support for this idea within the=20
> council and seems to have had some success. More info needed.
> US Presidential Inaugaration:
> Fun idea for a protest - ironic victory parade, a chance to 
> some serious literature, raise some issues and get some attention.
> Date: 20th Jan
> Things to do:
> - everything, maybe set up an informal, non publicised meeting to=20
> discuss possibilities, basically get a project group together.
> Spittal Hill Local Voice:
> There's a page recently set up here:
> http://wiki.sheffieldsocialforum.org.uk/SpitalHill
> They could use some support I'm sure. We could use some more info on=
> what's happening.
> Regeneration Meeting:
> Spurred by the discraceful goings on in Burngreave it was suggested 
> it would be good to have a fairly high profile meeting early in the 
> year, to learn about regeneration, how the processes are meant to 
> and what possibilities there are for opposing the wholesale 
> of communities.
> Things to do:
> - everything, maybe find out who we can get as speakers.
> SSF2005 (?annual forum?):
> This is a suggestion for sometime next year, possibly to coincide 
> the Sheffield G8 meeting.  Some suggestions have been made here:=20
> http://wiki.sheffieldsocialforum.org.uk/SSF2005
> Things to do:
> - everything, maybe focus on visualising the thing for now, stick 
> on the wiki or the list.
> Think that's the lot, see you later,
> Kev
> spodulike at freeuk.com wrote:
> > Ello,
> >=20
> > Just spoke to Dave about the welfare stuff, not co-ordinated it 
> > and in danger of not happening. So would suggest this organisation=
> > thing needs to be resolved.
> >=20
> > For the meeting it would be good to go around, as did last meet, 
> > see what everyone wants to do. Then maybe to set a timescale of 
> > and priorities?
> >=20
> > What really needs to come out is defined tasks. At the moment it 
> > to be individuals who push stuff forward, which is ok but not 
> > organised and puts a lot on single cogs. I think one problem is=20
> > everyone is busy but even if we just get some little tasks set on 
> > will be more productive than stuff being done ad hoc.
> >=20
> > If we have a plan of what needs to be done for this and that and 
> > then we can share resources on various different campaigns. Think 
> > would also be easier to pull people into the forum if there are 
> > they could help with and practical stuff to do on a range of 
> >=20
> >=20
> > Anyway, lemme know wot u think etc, cheers,
> >=20
> > Jason
> >=20
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