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All good stuff and well done to Kev et al,  
SF N/Meeting
However, i wonder if the fact that the(non hirarchial) Iraqui Operation Focus have their two day event in London on the 4/5th will have a bearing on numbers, then again, i do understand the need to get moving. 
Disability Benefits Meeting
In relation to the disability meeting: while there has been some positive reactions to the event, i am on the point of cancelling it. This is not because of the strain of organising the event(tho it is a bit of a pain) but because i really am concerned that not enough people will come: a 'sexy' Latin America conference(no criticism of the organisers) will always be more attractive than a drab and dreary welfare meeting, no matter how i/we spice it up. We don't,  to put it crudely hit the Left's 'erogenous zones'. I suppose what i am saying is it would be good to get some more commitment from people on the lists ( big shout to those who are.) I know folk are busy with other things but there are over two million people on d/benefits and we seem to be almost invisible, despite the awful things happening to us and the cuts to come....
‘Reform of incapacity benefit is one of the key seven
challenges facing us in the new term.’

Tony Blair
Fewer carrots, more of the stick 

Alan Milburn will have a new target in his sights: the
2.7 million people who claim incapacity benefit 

Heather Stewart
Sunday September 12, 2004
The Observer 

Contact card
Anyway, re: the contact card, my two cents as requested: looks great, however, i wonder if in some way, it could indicate there is some politics involved, although I can see the attraction of it may be that it it is open to intepretation.   .
pehaps something like:, 'Don't let them tell you,  you can't make a difference, 
                                                             YOU CAN!
i do recognise it changes a positive into a negative
I think we should do a benefit gig as early in the new year as possible, we have a lot of goodwill from some of the best artists, etc in  Sheffield and a excellent network of allies/supporters, lets go for it!
US Presidential Inaugaration:
cool idea, perhaps work with folk from Lantern Procession and other creatives
Regeneration Meeting:
Definitely, an extremely important political and salient topic,  though like i have found out with the welfare meeting, it may be diificult to find speakers/contributors involved at the deep end, due to the code of 'Omerta, which regeneration and other public sector quangos push on their employees!  You can't know enough about regeneration, 'Oh Yes You Can', say overworked employees...
The other items seem well worth doing/supporting too, anyway, its all looking for for the future
blimey, did i write all that
dave t

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