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Dan dan at aktivix.org
Mon Nov 22 11:52:57 GMT 2004


As I came into the office this morning, someone said -

'Can I ask you a question?'

'Er... yup.'

'I'm told you're an expert on ALMOs.'

'Er... nope!'

'Oh, right...'

'But I'm sure I know someone who is...'

Which made me think -

a) Who is an expert, that we know?  What's happening with Sheffield's 
Defend Council Housing?

b) This is one thing that SSF could be - if we were to publicise it, it 
might read:

'Sheffield Social Forum not only organises a yearly event - we also have 
regular meetings where you can bring your issues.  For example, recently 
someone wanted to find out about Arms Length Management Organisations.  
Through SSF, a meeting was organised where the issues and problems were 
discussed, and as a result, a campaign group was formed.'

'Is it political?' Yes and no.  Yes - you won't come to an SSF meeting 
and here anyone arguing for privatisation or tax-breaks for the rich!  
No - it's not a party, or a campaigning organisation.  Although 
campaigns have formed because of the space the SSF facilitates, nobody 
will be trying to recruit you! 


Er... whether any of this will happen is another matter.

It's all about building critical mass - I think if someone who is active 
in Sheffield comes and asks me, it means there are people out there who 
want to find out things.  Where else would they go?  Can SSF provide 
something other groups cannot?  Really, that's about looking to see what 
hasn't already got established groups looking after it.  E.g. there may 
be no point in organising a meeting on the Burngreave masterplan, coz 
Burngreave has its own group - but it may still be worthwhile organising 
a meeting about regeneration and democracy.

Thoughts?  It might be worth especially thinking about re-vamping the 
frontage of the website, so that issues coming from the city can feed 
more openly into the process...


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