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This sounds really good: A CRY OF RIGHTEOUS MUSICAL


Sheffield PSC Protest Concert Saturday 20th November

imc, 16.11.2004 10:23

Al Asria folk dance group were due to give their first
ever performance outside Palestine
in Sheffield’s Montgomery Theatre on Saturday 20th
November - but Sharon's army has closed the borders.
There is no way out of Gaza. The dancers - and the
entire population - are imprisoned. But we will not
give in to brutal oppression.

Yorkshire-Palestine Cultural Exchange, Sheffield
Palestine Solidarity Campaign & concert4palestine.org
invite you to an evening of protest performance.

For more than a year members of Sheffield Palestine
Solidarity Campaign, together with supporters from
Sheffield, York and Derbyshire have been fundraising
to bring over Palestinian children living in the Gaza
Strip for a folk dance tour.

The children live in Jabalia Refugee camp in the Gaza
Strip. They have a wonderful debka dance troupe, Al
Asria, and we have already supported them by buying
costumes. The plan was for the tour to take place from
the 11th - 27th November 2004 involving public
performances in Shefield, York, Manchester, Liverpool
and Leeds - alongside workshops in local schools.
These children have never had the chance to leave Gaza
before and we hoped we could give them the chance to
have a holiday and meet with English children.

All of this has now been wrecked by Israel’s decision
to close the border between Gaza and Egypt - the only
route that Palestinians can take to leave their
country. There is no other way out. The children of Al
Asria were all packed and ready to leave - we had
secured their visas and plane tickets. They are
distraught and so are we. But will not let Ariel
Sharon dictate to us! We are still planning to bring
Al Asria to the UK in the very near future . . . . in
the meantime, all the performers listed overleaf have
generously given us their support at very short notice
so join us on:

Saturday 20th November
Institute for the Blind
Mappin Street
Central Sheffield

8pm/Tickets £5


* Sheffield Samba band
* Body of sound
* Ragnarok
* Levan
* Bill Horrocks

Sheffield Belly dancers

* ...and more to come 

before that Green Party Banquet

Blue Moon Cafe 7.30

as much as you want to eat of gorgeous blue moonie


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