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dave thompson mpower0 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 26 12:37:03 GMT 2004

After an executive decision, made by the two people
who attended the planning meeting, it was decided to
change the venue to the Quaker meeting house, it was
near impossible to guarantee access at St Matthews.
However, as this raised the cost massively, I am
suggesting that subject to discussion and agreement,
that any future fundraiser helps cover the costs of
the meeting. But lets leave that for the future.
Please note it is has been incredibly hard to secure
any speakers, etc for this meeting: professionals have
been made aware of the concerns of their funding base,
while many recipients are in fear of losing their
benefits if they speak in  public..


So this it the new timetable

Quaker Meeting House

1.0	for 1.30pm  start


Main Speaker
Colin Hampton 1.30(30 mins max)

Questions (20 mins max)

Film, (on video) 

Trevor Mcdonald tonight: Disability Benefit Scroungers
(25 mins)

Personal Testimonies

hopefully 20 mins, 9but probably less, no one knows)

Break 15/20 mins

Discussion  in Groups

(20 mins)

plenary/summing up

(10/15 mins)

cleaning up time

10 mins

can someone formalise this into a clear timetable
noting times subject to change


intro  dt

chair Jase

sheperd moving folk from st matt to quaker

still neeeded 


tea/coffe maker

someone to introduce film, 


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