[Ssf] ACT NOW! Lobby your MP over Fallujah napalm

Ruhul ruhul at blink.org.uk
Mon Nov 29 18:31:42 GMT 2004

      Anti-war protests grow as Fallujah napalmed
      by Lester Holloway 

      THOUSANDS OF anti-war protestors gathered in east London on Saturday in the latest sign that disquiet over Iraq will remain a sore for the government.

      ACT NOW! Lobby your MP over Fallujah napalm and encourage others to do so.


      US FORCES used outlawed naplam in the Iraqi town of Fallujah according to weekend reports. Demand answers from your MP and Tony Blair here. 

            There is a growing outrage over Fallujah napalm claims 
      The use of deadly napalm - last seen in Vietnam and now banned by the United Nations - has been deployed in Fallujah according to eyewitnesses.

      'Melted' bodies have been reported, along with suggestions of poisonous gas. MP Alice Mahon is calling on Blair to make an emergency statement on the matter. If it is proven that napalm has been used, Britain will be under pressure to pull out of the American-led coalition.


      Please email your postcode to us. We will reply with the name and email address of your MP, his/her voting record on Iraq, and a model letter you can send or adapt. We will also include an email for Prime Minister Tony Blair.

      Email your full postcode to: ruhul at blink.org.uk
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