[Ssf] local sf meeting

Kevin Gillan k.gillan at sheffield.ac.uk
Tue Nov 30 11:16:22 GMT 2004

Nice one jase. Was going to propose having a meeting this Thursday until 
I realised we do, in fact, have one anyhow.

Like the look of the agenda suggestions for the weekend. On the Sunday 
thing, we could have the smaller room at St Matthews up until 3pm for 
£25. I reckon if we thought of something fun to do in the afternoon 
(belated no shop day?) and use the room for a bit of a creative session. 
But think we could do with making a decision before thursday, so we can 
give folk more than 48 hours notice.

For saturday night, some options are:
- rock up to the Kashmir for cheap tasty curry
- go to hillsborough for a latin american bistro, which is in aid of a 
medical organisation that treats the victims of torture (will have food, 
music and a variety of liquid refreshments).

any others?

On the advertising dearth, and possible participants, I would've thought 
its a more inviting situation for those interested in Sheffield SF than 
coming to a regular planning meeting, so will write an email text and 
bung it out - would ask anyone to pass it on to anyone they know who has 
ever so much as muttered 'that sounds interesting' about SSF to you.

Finally, on accomodation, currently got 14 people who are pretty much 
definitely coming to Shef from other cities, of whom two certainly 
require accomodation (got em sorted) and five probably need accomodation 
    (Mariangela and friends) I can put one person comfortably (and 
potentially one fairly uncomfortably) at my house, Dan can probably put 
one person up at his house, housemates depending, leaving 2 - 3 people 
currently unaccomodated. Can anyone help?


Jase wrote:

> Am looking through the notes from the LSF seminar, and a lot of them there are
> too... will try and get some workshop notes ready for this Thursday, presume
> this will be the main agenda item. On the agenda ideas for the day, have
> proposed: http://wiki.sheffieldsocialforum.org.uk/LSFDec2004
> Don't think advertising is too much of a problem (luckily;) as it's generally
> about getting people together who have already got lsf's going, and discussing
> ideas, problems, pitfalls, etc (I think). Would've thought if we are inviting
> anyone in Sheffield along we'd just kinda want to get them into Shef SSF
> really rather than have them setting up LSF's all around. Anyways the more
> hands the better, all thoughts welcome etc. (Someone at the STW national
> conference mentioned a Sheffield Uni SF was in operation - but they may have
> been getting confused?)
> Not sure we would need a space on the Sunday if not many people around, could
> hang about in the winter gardens, loiter like teenagers or summat. The
> Saturday night may be best to organise an action cos the people doing it would
> be there, plus the best ideas always come from the pub.
> Need to sort out food n drinks. Also materials (lots of big sheets of paper
> and coloured pens methinks). Laptops would be cool. Cheers,
> Jason
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> Hello
> The meeting planned for the weened 4th-5th december has raised some
> interest, we've got several definites from each of:
> Manchester,
> Leeds,
> Leicester,
> London
> And some maybes (Liverpool, East Anglia). Some of those are just coming
> for the Saturday, but some will be staying for the weekend, which means
> we could do with finding some spare beds/sofas for people to kip on.
> Can anyone offer any some space? Can comfortably put up one guest at my
> gaff.
> Also, thoughts on the agenda? or fun stuff to do? was wondering if we
> could do a 'democracy cafe special' in the evening or summit.
> (Jase? you said you might be able to do a bit on this at the last meeting?)
> Agenda ideas here:
> http://wiki.sheffieldsocialforum.org.uk/LSFDec2004
> Also, need a venue for the Sunday, as we can't have Sharrow Commy Hall -
> any ideas?
> Plus, publicity in Shef. First, tell your friends!
> (Dan? You said you'd convert that old ESF poster? Can you?)
> cheers
> Kev
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