[Ssf] Uni social forum?

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Tue Nov 30 22:11:56 GMT 2004

I don't know why there is a need for a sheffield social forum specificly 
aimed at students, there is already a sheffield social forum open to 
everyone and desperatly in need of abit of energy.

I am sending my apologise in advance 'cos i am going to the spittle hill 
meeting instead
(thursday 7:30 new roots - if anyone is interested).
Dan could you send the minutes from the previous meeting to the list please 
so we have a copy in cyber space?

for now

Just wondering, could i create a sheffield social forum aimed at long 
haired-anarchist-marxist-nihlist-enviromentalist-green sandle 

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>Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 18:57:20 +0000
>Hi Alison et al
>I think its great that some uni students are starting an SF, and hope they 
>do come along at the weekend. People and planet are great but as a local 
>group you tend to take your pick from the campaigns on offer from head 
>office - not very bottom up!
>Alison Higgins wrote:
>>Hi all, long time no speak!
>>There is an embryonic social forum at Sheff uni - they're having a
>>meeting tomorrow! They know about the meeting at the weekend and at
>>least some of them are planning to attend so you can discuss the pros
>>and cons then. However, some students clearly think that People and
>>Planet isn't enough. Cheers Alison
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>>On a uni social forum - the calculation here is that most of the people 
>>who would be interested are already likely to be doing things with People 
>>and Planet.  P&P's working methods are very similar to social forums', and 
>>it would be a shame to make a group that took away from
>>The alternative would be for there to be a group that worked towards an 
>>'event' at the Uni that had all the various political groups taking
>>Has anyone contacted Celia / P&P about the weekend?
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