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SEARCHED AND FILMEDSEARCHED, photographed and filmed ... this is the 
prospect awaiting every nightclub reveller in Sheffield.
The measures, usually associated with criminals after arrest, could be 
introduced on the doors of every nightclub in Sheffield if South Yorkshire 
Police get their way, The Star can reveal.
Clubs and late bars are being urged to follow the example set by Purple, a 
late-night bar on Arundel Gate, which has undergone a complete 
transformation since introducing the Big Brother-style regime.
Once counted among the worst three clubbing venues for trouble in the city, 
officers say the bar is now the most secure.
Every person who goes in is searched by door staff and then photographed by 
head doorman David Greenaway. Each image is stored on computer.
A CCTV system also films drinkers, so bosses can establish links between 
people. If trouble breaks out, staff contact police and at closing time 
several officers stand outside Purple to deter drink-fuelled violence.
Since the tough rules were introduced the number of incidents has fallen 
More than 150 people have been banned from Purple and door staff carrying 
out searches have found four knives and one haul of pills, containing class 
A drugs. Small amounts of cannabis have been recovered.
Height charts will soon be put on the front doors at Purple so any 
troublemakers can be more accurately identified on film to aid prosecution.
Insp Shaun Morley, in charge of city centre safety, said: "We approve of the 
measures Purple have put in place.
"They have had a significant effect on reducing crime in and around the 
venue. We would encourage other venues to put in the same security measures.
"Pubs and clubs need to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of 
their clientele."
Purple's manager Phil Davis, who began introducing the new security checks 
when he took over six weeks ago, said: "We are aware of the difficulties we 
have had and we are working very hard to make sure we fulfil our commitment 
to provide a safe environment.
"In the past the club had a younger clientele than we would want and a 
troublesome clientele, so we cranked things up.
"Now I know who is coming in and who is not coming in. Week by week we will 
get rid of the people we don't want.
"If we can help get a few more of them off the streets every month, that's 
even better.
"There is an element of big brother about it, but it will make sure no-one 
is hurt. It is needed to enable people's safety and ensure a genuinely fun 
clubbing experience.
"I can understand if some people complain about it but I would rather use 
Draconian measures and make sure everybody is safe."

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