[ssf] CIRCA tour

Dan dan at aktivix.org
Fri Feb 25 12:18:02 GMT 2005

Hey up John n peeps,

(I've included the ssf list in this e-mail: note John's e-mail below re 
the planned arrival of CIRCA in Sheffield.  Everyone cool with this?  
Let's discuss next Thursday - for which we don't yet have a venue!)

Well: Peace in the Park is now moving!

But: - it's looking MOST likely that Sheffield Social Forum and others 
will be organising the following in the week leading up to the G8 
Justice ministers arriving, i.e. shall we say 9th to the 18th....

1. Convergence centre (which will need to have space for training, so 
hopefully wherever we end up with will suit your purposes John.)
2. G8 Call out to get others to Sheffield - a little warm-up before the 
Gleneagles event.
3. Some kind of counter-conference event during the actual G8 days
4. A street event also

We don't know where the ministers are going to be, and I'm suggesting we 
plan whatever we do so that it doesn't matter. 

John: how do these changed plans fit in with your vision of things?

If it's all OK, we'll start sorting things like getting permissions for 
the town centre...

See ya,


1) We arrive in sheff on thursday and do street interventions in town 
Friday day and that evening do the caravan show ( its no longer a big 
top !!- but an exploding caravan) in a public space - a shopping precint 
or somthing similar - ( we would need you lot to suggest a suitable 
venue and help us get permissions etc)

2) Trainings - as its a 2 day intensive for 30 participants - its not 
really suitable to do it in a tent during a festival where people come 
and go - so i suggest we find a church hall/community centre /social 
centre etc .. and book it for the 2 days (Sat/SUn) ( a kind of NVDA 
annnex to the festival perhaps ??)

3) then on sat eve we do the second caravan show in the park at the 
festival in the eve...
does that make sense??

would be great to hear asap as we are juggling like crazy and need to 
get publicity out asap..
hope you are all well
love JJXX

John Jordan wrote:

> HI sheff folk -- i just looked at the ssf minutes and saw no mention 
> of the tour - and havent heard back since last email re peace in teh 
> park etc. and new dates ..so got a bit worried !!!! as clowns do tend 
> to be a bit neurotic when they havent got noses on !!!
> could someone confirm asap - ( as we are being asked to go everywhere 
> and if there isnt energy in one place then we might consider changing 
> our venues ) that you still want us and dates - June 9th - 12th
>  etc are ok

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