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Thu Feb 24 17:29:38 GMT 2005

dan no real disagremenet with your comments: however:

dan wrote
1. One of the most destructive aspects of radical politics, that I can
ascertain, is paranoia.

urbanparanoia reply
from a group of people who call themselevs urbanparanoia we would agree 

dan wrote
Now, we're planning to do something for the G8 coming to Sheffield, and
there's going to be a lot to think about - but I want to make a start here.

urbanparanoia reply
likewise and urbanparanoia have been thinking and talking about this very 
subject for a long while: while ill agree to being open: lets and do lets 
remeber the state and far right are reading this list and so called private 
e mail: call it paranoia: however some serious considration needs to be 
given about what is talked about on open list: this is why at no stage have 
urbanparanoia talked about there thoughts or what we might have got planed:

dan wrote
A. We should assume that all info *is* being monitored.  (If the BBC are
following, so are people trying to plan the weekend.)

B. This is NOT A BIG DEAL!  If it's some poor sap's job to trawl through
this, so be it.  It can't be much fun.

urbanparanoia reply
lets not asume thay are but are and we have very direct experance of this:

dan wrote
2. But note: we have no idea where the ministers are meeting.  We may or
may not find out, and when we do find out, it may or may not be accurate
or liable to change at the last minute.

Given that this is the case, a 'counter-conference' and convergence
centre (and some kind of street event) is going to be the best way
forward - rather than hoping to 'shut down' the meeting.

urbanparanoia reply
much the same thoughts urbanparanoia have been thinking about: on this we 
can share one thought: given considration the roads round the rail staion 
are in chos as are parts of sheffield: an alleged rts type event could be 
very productive: if the right location is also choson it could do far more 
than a expreshon of our disagremet with the g8: but showing support for meny 
communtys blighted by the inner ring road / j34 just as an example and not a 
susgestion for action:

dan wrote
3. Da yoof:  I think we should have a go at asking the Council whether
we can do what the J8 is doing locally - that is, work in schools to get
kids to produce a statement(s) or something else to hand to the
ministers when they arrive.  We could work on the themes of:

*What do you think is the best way to deal with terrorism?
*Do you think Muslim and Christian can co-exist peacefully?  If so, what
do we need to do to make it happen?  If not, why not?  (Get mixed ethnic
groups to address this and produce a joint statement.)
*What are the G8 ministers doing wrong?  What are they doing right?
*What do you think about immigration?  (Open that up a bit more.)

urbanparanoia reply
here dan urbanparanoia and yourself are thining alike:

dan wrote
4. On to the streets: we should be working to make a creative, wonderful
street event.  We do not want any more godawful lines of trot-led
chants.  Sure, they'll turn up - but can we start getting creative on
this?  (The ESF had a 'European Creative Forum' - which, as you'd
expect, relegated creativity to a stage for people to watch.  I think we
can do better than that!)

urbanparanoia reply
could not agree more:

dan wrote
Also, if I hear one person singing 'hey hey CIA how many kids did you
kill today' I'll strangle them.  No, really. I'll kill them dead, right
there and then.  (Joke!  Won't really!)  It's a chant that was heard in
the 60s for God's sake!  Time for a new one!

urbanparanoia reply
no i will do a lord of the rings style attack on the fuckers: (joke)


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