[ssf] Just when you thought it was safe...

Dan dan at aktivix.org
Wed Jun 1 12:18:24 BST 2005


Remember back on 17th February, all those moons ago?  There was a 'Big 
Sheffield Social Forum meeting', which was very nice, and we had lots of 
nice food.  The main thing that happened was the formation of the G8 group.

Since then, both the G8 Sheffield group and Peace in the Park have been 
doing stonking work.

But the time is upon us (already!) when the arrival of Condoleeza Rice 
will be nothing but a sweet memory.  Thus, I propose the following:

1. Let us meet once more to talk of things SSF.
2. I have in front of me some forms for a co-op bank account.  To get 
money, we need an account.  To get an account, we need a constitution - 
oh God!  I've just spoken to VAS, and think I know how we do that.  It 
might take one or two meetings.  Anyone wanting to know what I know, go 
and read the guides at - http://www.vas.org.uk/info4.html

If we do it, we'll have to make a constitution very different from the 
model one on VAS' website.  I mean - a management committee??? Surely we 
need a sexier name than that!? I'm still up for 'seed group', although 
it sounds a bit... seedy.

Just to note - several people have recently been offering SSF things 
like standing orders.  I also met a guy in a pub who sits on the 
Sheffield Trades Council.  If we can get a constitution written that 
stops any one group having too much control, I suggest we should then go 
ahead and see if we can't get support from them.  The chap did point out 
that this might not mean very much!  But it could mean some more money, 
and help with organising.

3. I propose the following aim - a full Sheffield Social Forum, probably 
in October or November.  (Compare to Boston Social Forum - 20 months of 

Let's just wait n see if anyone says anything - then I might propose a 
date in the weeks between Sheffield G8 and Scotland G8.

Peace to y'all


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