[ssf] Just when you thought it was safe...

Chris chris at aktivix.org
Wed Jun 1 12:38:16 BST 2005


Good idea about looking at organising for SSF stuff for
after the G8 in Sheffield.

On Wed 01-Jun-2005 at 12:18:24PM +0100, Dan wrote:
> To get an account, we need a constitution

I don't think this is the case for all banks -- Sheffield
Indymedia has no constitution but it has an account...


The same goes for the UK IMC network:


Of course the coop might be a bit more ethical...
(apparently so is Triodos) but I'm not sure that the
requirements of the coop bank are are best reason to
formalise the structure of the SSF...

I seem to remember that there wasn't even agreement on
using consensus for decision making, though this appears
to be what happens in practice...


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